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Electric Bass Lessons: Continuous 16th Notes

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another one of my favorite bass players
and groups recorded this next song.
And your right hand better be in great
shape to record this,
because it's an example, of how tight the
bass and drums can be together.
And the bass part is 16th notes throughout
the entire song.
This is a song that every bass player had
to learn if they wanted to be hip and
if anything makes a great warmup exercise.
This does.
And we've, we've done it earlier.
But it's where you have the 16th notes
repeating for
entire song.
[SOUND] What I do is alternate fingers,
starting with the first finger,
just try to see how even I can make those.
Then I start with the second finger, and
see if I can keep it as even.
I can tell a little bit of difference but.
That's what you wanna do is, start with
the second finger, [SOUND] and
then start with the first finger.
see if you can make all of the notes as
even as possible.
You might want to do a little muting
technique with the left hand as well.
To give it that percussive feel.
You have this instead of this.
Find out where your,
find out where your
happy medium is.
Anyway, here it is.