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Electric Bass Lessons: Bossa Nova

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actually a huge fan of Brazilian music,
especially Bossa Nova.
And this song is required study if you
have any intention of going to Brazil or
playing Brazilian music.
So, one of my favorite songs, incredible
composition, and we had no idea that while
we were just warming up playing this song,
that Artist Works was rolling the camera.
So, we'll use this as one of the examples
The technique that I use during the song
was to play the bass part and
then rhythmic chord progression on the
high strings.
So, on the top two strings, I'm playing
the typical,
standard bossa rhythmic pattern.
on the low strings, I'm using, I'm playing
the baseline.
And those two combined together are this.
So, if you have any interest in working
and staying busy at weddings, ski bars
[LAUGH] learn this song.
But I love it.
We're here til Thursday.
Check it out.