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Electric Bass Lessons: Rock Jam in A

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again, when we're playing rock and roll,
we're just thinking having fun.
People are going to be dancing, partying,
and we're gonna have a good time.
So on the bass, I'm thinking of making it,
just keeping it nice and,
and upbeat and fun as possible.
With the right hand you'll notice
sometimes I'm using it as rhythm
Kinda filling in the blanks there in
between the notes, and also in the left
hand I'm keeping the notes dampened.
So keep it from ringing.
Instead of that going on.
So I'm just dampening.
And on the hook,
I wanted to come up with a really, a line
that had a lot of action in it,
so this is what I came up with
Course, here's the one,
four progression again, like the blues, in
the key of A going from to A to D.
But on the A chord.
So you hear a couple of those and
you're going to hear our major and minor
10th again as we.
You'll hear different combinations of
So let's check it out.
Nice and short.
We should add some chords.
[LAUGH] All right,
here, now it's your turn to show me how
you can rock out.
You're going to play with Ricky Larson on
drums, and I want to hear your ideas.
Be sure to check out some of the other
video exchanges with the other students,
and then send me yours, and I can't wait
to hear what you come up with.
Keep it nice and short.
Good chance for a chord.