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Electric Bass Lessons: Slow Blues - Intermediate

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we're here talking about the blues and
playing the blues on the bass.
And coming up with bass lines and
different approaches, to playing the
We, started with a very simple approach
using just.
Basically half notes and staying on the
tonic, going with the chords.
Pretty simple version.
And now I'd like to just take it up one
more notch and
start to just pump the bass line a little
So, instead of, instead of just.
gonna listen to what the kick drum is
And maybe accent those beats a little
more, and drive it a little bit.
So now we'll have a
Just pushing along a little more.
And that has a little bit of more
and that's what we wanna have in our
playing in general.
Just, just have an attitude.
So, we're listening to the kick drum, I'm
mimicking the rhythm.
And sometimes when the guitar plays longer
lines he
he leaves a little more room for a more
active bass line.
So they may consider.
I'm constantly listening to what's being
Reacting to it.
And that gets the dialogue going cuz then
they'll react to what I'm playing.
And in summary, what you'll hear now, is
just a more active version of the same
blues in C that we're
playing with our friends, John Robinson on
drums, Michael Thompson on guitar.
Check it out.
So that, now that you've heard that, at
this point, I'd like to hear your approach
to that same version of the blues in C.
Again if you wanna send me a video I
suggest that you first,
check out some of the other video
exchanges with the other students.
And make one, that you can send to me.
Now, use these backing tracks that have,
John Robinson and Michael Thompson
playing, and you'll actually get to feel
what it's like to play with those guys.
It's amazing experience.
And we have a lot of fun together.
So now, I'd like to see your version of,
blues in C.