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Electric Bass Lessons: Introduction to Intermediate Bass

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In this section of lessons,
you will get deep into the art of playing
the bass.
You want ever line you play on the bass to
be like a work of art.
Anything you can think of to make your
part meaningful and
artistic is going to separate you from the
Working with the backing tracks I've
provided for
you to use, you'll be learning to make
some serious music.
With the play along tracks, you'll be
jamming along with some of the great LA
session players like MT, Michael Thompson
and JR, John Robinson and Ricky Lawson.
RL [LAUGH] And as you go through this
I'll teach you all the tricks and
techniques that will make you sound great,
and help you connect your heart to your
If you've not gone through the fundamental
skills you should take a look at
those lessons before you move into this
intermediate material.
It is important that your technique not
have any holes.
By going through the early lessons you'll
be sure your foundation is solid.
As you work on this intermediate material,
I'll encourage you to take advantage of
the video exchanges.
I'll take a look at the videos you send
we'll give you feedback to help you play
better and better.
That's the way to get the most out of this
Be sure to check out all my video
exchanges with other students too.
That way everyone learns from everyone
This will be a great adventure.
I know that you'll apply yourself, and
you'll be playing much better bass very