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Electric Bass Lessons: Blues Shuffle - Intermediate

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we'd like to continue with the blues,
talking about the blues.
And, we have a faster tempo now.
It's with the, the shuffle, it's almost
like we're trying to break out of the sad,
depressing sound of the blues, the slow
blues and, and
it gets you into more of a dance feel and
I love the sound of the shuffle.
What I do a lot of times is listen to the
guitar player.
Because these guys are playing so many
lines, I actually,
refer to the guitar lines to help me to
come up with bass lines a lot.
And it, it works, I mean these guys are
coming in.
You know so
there's two or three bass lines that I can
create out of just that little phrase so.
In this particular version we're gonna,
instead of just doing the quarter notes,
I'm gonna add a few more notes and jump on
the guitar lick with him.
Not a full walk but
heading in that direction.
The other thing you notice is that, it's
based around the root and the fifth.
what we can use is the fifth, is the tool
to cut the,
cut the melodic sound of the, instead of
just staying on the e.
Cut it up with the fifth.
And then add the notes in between.
Just gives it a cool sound.
And there's bass lines floating around
everywhere so,
what I like to do is just listen and grab
those out of the air.
And try them so here's a little bit more
of a shuffle up tempo blues in e.
So now I'd like to invite you to step in
to my shoes, and play with JR and MT,
blues in e, shuffle uptempo.
And you can select either one of the
versions that we recorded.
We recorded a very simple one.
Then a more immediate, intermediate one
and then sort of advanced where,
where I'm really trying to drive the car.
So I'd like to invite you to sit in my
play with these great guys, and would love
to hear what you do.
Again, check out some of the other video
exchanges and
see what the other students have done.
Send me the video and I'll get back with
you, with some feedback.
And don't take my job away from me though.