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Electric Bass Lessons: Rhythm And Blues - Intermediate

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in this version, I've come off of the one
and three and
I've started to develop the bass line a
little more.
Just add a little more interest to it and
just like in reggae music, we're, we're
sliding and.
Articulating the chord by arpeggiating it
a little bit more so
And from time to time,
we'll go to strength eighth notes,.
I'm listening to the guitar, and if he's
doing anything that I want to catch,
I might jump on his notes a little bit
So the whole purpose of this version is to
get away from the very simple one and
just come up with something that feels
really good.
And some of my favorite bass players I
used to listen and just go out and
buy any record that they were on and
bass players like James Jamerson who
played in the Motown's songs.
Chuck Rainy, Carol Kay, Bennie Benjamin,
these are, these are the players that when
I was growing up I used to listen to, and
literally regardless of what record I saw,
that they were playing on,
I would just go buy it, because their
lines were just ingenious.
That's what you want to do when you're
coming up with the bass line.
Is just tell the story, do something that
is very interesting but still feels good.
And I do recommend that you, as a bass
you just dive into as many styles of music
as you can because.
You can only be an asset and valuable to
yourself and
other musicians that you play with by
having a, such a deep frame of reference.
And you'll get lots of gig.
[LAUGH] So check out this little updated
version of our groove in F-major.
Okay so there's a few different versions
of R&B baselines for you to check out and
I'd love to hear what you can come up with
or what you what your soul has to offer.
And again, check out some of the other
video exchanges that I've done
with some of the other students.
Make me a video and I'll check it out.
Now, you can use any one of those
Just click on that and you'll be playing
with the great JR Robinson and
MT Michael Thompson.
So, can't wait to hear what you come up