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Electric Bass Lessons: Rock - Intermediate

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So let's face it.
We're bass players and our main job is to
make feel,
people feel good by giving them something
on the bass that they wanna hear.
And no music does this better than rock
and roll.
I mean, you take rock and roll and you
have an audience full of
people that they're just there to feel
good, party, and have a good time.
So, it got started in about the 60's and
rock and roll became rock.
It was kind of a generation of music that
combined a lot of things,
the blues and the funk and it continues to
with different musical styles like punk,
grunge, but
it's all kind of based on partying and
feel good as far as I'm concerned.
And I've had some firsthand experience
playing in large venues with rock and
roll bands.
I'm currently on tour with a group called
Toto, and
30 years later they still manage to make
the audiences rock and
roll around the world by just coming with
some great grooves.
And Rock and Roll music, it's driven by
you know,
the bass and the guitar primarily.
Driving beats, a lot of eighth notes and
we're gonna do a song that's in the key of
A and one of the licks in the song.
Is let's see.
Now, as we play bass, one of the things
we have to remember is, every single note
we play should, should have some meaning,
and that was the straight way to play the
riff that's in the song, and you know,
as a straight version it's just
And, that's a very boring way to play, so
when we, what we call grease to the notes,
we can trill a little bit and bend.
And that, that same riff becomes.
And you get the guitar and the bass player
doing that together, and
the drummer smashing away, it ends up
being a pretty good party.
So we'd like to do a little groove in A.
Listen to this, you're gonna imagine
you're in an arena or stadium,
45,000 people screaming, and this is what
it sounds like.
Check it out.
Aggressive, don't hold back.
There we go.
So now, it's your turn to rock and
roll and send me some rock.
You can use the backing track.
Listen to my lines and get some ideas, or
come up with some of your own.
And again, before you send it in, be sure
to check out the other video exchanges
with the other students, but I want to
hear you rock and roll right now.
Come on.
50,000 people are waiting