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Electric Bass Lessons: Putting It All Together

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All right, so we're bass players now.
And we're gonna be joined by a band.
In this case we'll be joined by keyboards
and drums.
And putting it all together and everything
that we've learned, so far.
About sliding, into a song or,
where we're gonna place our fingers to get
a warm tone.
Are we gonna use a little muted sound.
Are we gonna use any double stops, any
Slide around and-
At this point now, it's just a matter of
You've cooked the meal and now you're,
you're, you're seasoning it.
So, when we listen to this, I'm gonna
listen to the kick drum,
primarily and, and what's going on around
me, and the band, the drums in,
in particular, to find out the way that
I'm gonna approach the groove.
And, as we listen.
Just remember that, you're constantly
reacting to what you're hearing and
their reacting to what you're playing.
So, it's a big musical dialogue.
And this particular song, it's great
because it has a lot of chord changes.
So we can move around a bit, but just
check out
the areas where we're deciding if we're
gonna be playing long notes, short notes.
Soft, loud, we're gonna use our dynamics,
cuz everything that we've learned,
we're gonna pull into this performance.
And, and it goes something like this.
Listening to the kick drum?
Nice little bounce on the kickdrums off
cop that
Always listen to the kick drum, and what
the drums are doing.
It's kinda like my guide.
His kick drum is, bouncing.
Piano solo, so I'm gonna keep it a little
simpler here.
Stay out of his way.
So, that's one approach to playing this
song and I'd love to hear,
you play through these changes and what
your ideas are.
So, if you wanna send me a video of you
You get to now play with these great
musicians that,
of course Ricky Lawson on drums and Kim
Hanson on keyboards.
It's a lot of fun and I want you to put
your, put your heart and soul into it.
Listen to some of the other submissions
and video exchanges.
And then send me yours, and I'll get back
with you, and with some comments.
All right.
Have fun.
Listen to the kick drum.
Nice little bounce, and the kick drums all
top that.
Always listening to the kick drum.
And what the drums are doing.
It's kind of like my guide.
This kick drum is bouncing.
Piano's soloing, so I'm gonna keep it a
little simple here.
Stay out of his way.