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Electric Bass Lessons: Classic 80's Pop Groove

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time to time we get a song that although
the chord's changed,
the bass line stays the same.
As a matter of fact there's a, a level of
discipline that we have to exercise when
we're doing these types of songs because
it's right for the song.
And it's, that we know that's right for
the song, but
it's just hard to play the same exact
thing over and over and over.
You know, so
that is one of the great baselines and
when, when I'm playing that at this,
during the next performance you'll see
that just to keep myself amused,
I'm sticking a couple of little licks in
between, but always coming back to.
So it's, it's almost like trying to jump
in between cars on the freeway, but you
try to get, get to the other side,
so we're gonna keep this going the whole
So you got the one constant thing going
and just embellishing around, and that's
just to keep myself amused on this take.
But remember discipline, space, always
make it feel good.
Here we go.
So now, here's your chance to play along
with two great musicians, Kim Hanson on
the keyboards,
and the great Ricky Lawson on drums who,
also played with Michael Jackson and,
one of the many people he played with.
But, here's the rule, you gotta keep the
line going, and
then you can put anything you want in
between, but
you gotta keep the line going and it has
to feel good, everything you play.
So, let me hear what you can come up with.
Again, watch some of the other video
exchanges by the other students, and
then let me see what you got.