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Electric Bass Lessons: 1-6-2-5 Progression

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we're, talking about the 1-6-2-5
In the key of A major, [SOUND] the sixth
is the F sharp minor chord.
The two is the B minor chord.
And the five is the E chord.
Now in a simple progression like that,
what we wanna do is caress the notes and
just make each note, as meaningful as
possible, because it's simple.
Simple to play.
But what can you do to each note to really
add, to just put, all the love you can
into that note.
So, when I'm playing these kinds of songs,
that's what I'm thinking about,
just you know?
Think about somebody you love.
And it gives you, it just gives you the
attitude that you have to
put into every single note that you play.
So, you, you get the-
So you're not just playing notes, but
you're really making music.
And, and it's and when you get it right,
it's an emotional state.
So check this out.
Here we go 1-6-2-5 progression in A.
So we're just keeping it nice and simple.
Relatively easy changes.
But making it feel good is the trick.
So now it's your turn.
It's not a difficult progression, but what
I'm gonna be listening for,
if you send me a video, is just how you're
making those notes sound,
if you're making it feel real good.
I don't want it to sound like you're just
going through the motion.
So, I'd love to hear what you, play on
Check out some of the other students'
video, exchanges.
And I'll listen to yours, and can't wait
to hear.
So we're just keeping it nice and simple.
Relatively easy changes, but,
making it feel good is the trick.