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Electric Bass Lessons: Bass Accompaniment

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So obviously we practiced and
we spent a lotta time at home, in our
bedroom, playing the bass alone.
And, the bigger mission for that is we're
gonna come together with
other musicians and, and be able to put it
all together the things we've practiced.
And sometimes when I'm playing alone which
I don't like to do that much, but
I end up trying to come up with something
that I can play sort of the accompany,
the bass part and the bass, the guitar
part and
everything myself, just as an exercise,
and I was fooling around with this idea,
a while back, I was in Switzerland in the
room and nothing better to do.
I was looking over the beautiful
mountains, and so I started
This little riff.
since, you know, I'm playing bass but,
it's kind of a guitar sounding line.
I thought, okay now, and I love singing
with the bass as well.
And it's another challenge.
So, I wrote these lyrics and came up with
a song called Journey.
That bass accompanies the voice by using
the chords and outlining the chords.
So, actually it was just to amuse myself
in the room.
I could play the whole songs, walk the
chords, and
sing it without actually having the band
But this one is with my friend Ricky
Lawson is
kind enough to put the drums on this.
And yet again we have, we have Kim Hanson
on keyboards.
So this is Journey.
So, that was my version of,
playing chords on the bass and, and
singing with it.
I'd love to see if you could come up with
A version of that either on your own or
play along with that there.
There are many versions you can check out
on the site and, but
I'd love to hear some of your ideas of id,
of things that you can use as
guitar lines or guitar chords on the bass.
Lots of options here so, let me know,
check out some of the other students.
Video exchanges and love to hear what you
come up with.