About Online Guitar Lessons with Paul Gilbert

ArtistWorks Video Exchange™ Feedback makes it easy to learn guitar online directly from Paul Gilbert, fast.

1. Sign up and get unlimited access to hundreds of online guitar lessons and tab. It may have taken Paul a lifetime to learn, but all his secrets are yours instantly.
2. View the guitar lessons online and work through them at your own pace. Regardless of where you are or what time it is, the guitar lessons will always be there on you computer, tablet, phone - it’s up to you.
3. Submit practice videos.  Whenever you want to get input, just record a video and submit it to Paul. Don’t worry if you're nervous...That’s what he's there for. Paul wants to hear you play so he can tell you exactly what you need to practice to take your playing to the next level.
4. Get video feedback.  Paul will submit a video back to you and the entire exchange will be paired together and placed with the other guitar lessons on the site. Check it out as long as you need, replay it, loop it, learn from it.
5. Learn from others.  You’ll get access to the exchanges from all the rock guitar students because they may have asked questions that you already have.  Chat online with other guitar enthusiasts from around the world, post to the forums, find people to jam with, or just focus on the guitar lessons.  The choice is yours.

Sample Video Exchange

  • Online Guitar Lessons with Paul Gilbert

    • Southern Shuffle

    • Picking Workout

    • Blow Torch