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Rock Guitar Lessons: Introduction to Basic Rock Guitar

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Rock Guitar

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One, two, three, four.
Hello everybody and
welcome to the Paul Gilbert online rock
guitar school here at ArtistWorks.
I'm very happy to begin here with, a
course that I put together.
This is an amazing guitar course, I'm
really proud of it.
I think it's the best one I've ever done.
I've done a lot of teaching in the past
this one is significantly more systematic.
It's more comprehensive, it's really
starts at the beginning.
It starts at the beginning so much that I
actually turned my guitar around left
handed to see what I could play when I
feel like a total beginner.
That's where I started and I went all the
way to some of the most advanced stuff I
know, step by step and had a great time
the whole time.
Now, the main message I want to give you
right now at this point is,
although this course does start with basic
simple, basics of guitar.
I really want you, no matter what level
you are, to start at the beginning.
Cuz I made this, this course almost like a
It's the characters that I introduce, the
musical characters, they, they
begin their journey at the beginning and
they go through the whole thing in order.
It's, not just random licks here and
This really is a progression and
the things that you'll need in the
advanced part and even in the,
intermediate sections, are things that I
introduce in the beginner session.
And so don't think of it as beginner,
think of it as the characters that I
introduce at the beginning of a story, and
they're really important characters.
You gotta know who they are and so, I
really hope you'll start at the beginning.
If nothing else, you'll have a good time
watching me try to play left handed and
I guarantee you that you're gonna have a
great time, and that's my goal.
I wanna have, my three goals for playing
guitar in this course are to sound good,
have a great time and to keep improving.
So it's not a matter of how fast you go,
it's just enjoying the process and
at every level, we've got musical things.
There's no Mary Had a Little Lamb in this
It's all good sounding stuff.
So from the very first lesson on, we've
got musically useful things and
my goal is to have, have it where you play
in a band,
you can play music, you can play songs,
all this stuff is aimed to that goal.
All right, so let's, let's, let's get our
guitars on, play some great stuff.
And please start at the beginning, it's a
great place to start,
we'll have a great time and thanks for
coming along with me on a great journey
of rock guitar here at ArtistWorks, rock
and roll!