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Rock Guitar Lessons: The Chicka

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One two three, two two three.
I want to introduce to you the Chicka,
which is this.
[SOUND] It sounds like a Chicka.
And this is one of the most important
techniques that I could ever show you on
the electric guitar.
This is so important.
So please glue your eyes to your video
screen and check this out.
What I'm doing is controlling the strings
with my left hand.
Instead of having chaos.
[SOUND] I'm able to [SOUND] control them.
And how does this happen?
It's basically just resting lightly
Having all your fingers rest lightly
[SOUND] on the strings.
And that way, you can,
you can have much chaos as you want on
your right hand [SOUND], but it's nice and
controlled because of what you're doing
with your left hand.
Now, let me show you the you know,
something in each direction.
Like obviously, if you press down, [SOUND]
you start to get notes.
And I don't want to press down, I just
want to lightly rest [SOUND].
And if I don't press at all or
if I come up to much [SOUND] I start to
get the open strings.
So it's really kind of a delicate, [SOUND]
a delicate thing to do,
to just lightly touch those strings, so
that they don't make any noise.
[SOUND] Or they make you know, a nice
chicka kind of noise.
[SOUND] And that takes a little bit of
You know, sometimes you accidentally
[SOUND] press them a little bit too much.
But just practice [SOUND] using all your
Now why am I using all of my fingers?
Why not just use one?
[SOUND] Because, I'll show you this, if
you run your hand up and
down the string, [SOUND] you can start to
get these harmonics.
Working on these magic sustaining notes
that happen on the guitar.
And they are very nice.
But for our purposes here, we don't want
We just want a nice solid chicka [SOUND].
And, to prevent the harmonics, it's nice
to have more than one finger.
[SOUND] Then I can run my hand up and down
the strings.
[SOUND] And that's a lot more control than
if I do one finger.
[SOUND] There I'm getting notes that at
the moment I don't want.
So I'm using all my fingers [SOUND] and
there you have control.
So let's do this inside of a rhythm.
We have our familiar [SOUND] and
I want to alternate between the chord and
the chicka.
So let's listen to that for a second.
One, two, three, two, two, three,
All right.
So, I'm basically staying in a similar
position, but
the chicka I'm moving up a little bit.
[SOUND] I don't really know why.
It just feels good.
But you can do the chicka anywhere.
But just same general vicinity.
And, we're gonna use this a lot.
This is gonna be a really important
technique for
controlling the chaos [SOUND] that can
potentially come out of your guitar.
We don't want that.
We wanna be in control of our electric
And we want, we want to make all the
strings that we want to hear.
[SOUND] Come through.
And all the strings that we don't want to
hear, [SOUND],
we want to have super tight and
All right.
So that's the Chicka.
Practice it a lot.
One, two, three, two, two, three.
One, two, three, two, two, three.
One, two, three, two, two, three.