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Rock Guitar Lessons: Palm Muting

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One, two, three, four.
All right,
this section is about palm muting, and
this is how we get that chunky.
A nice chunky sound out of our guitar.
Really great sounding technique.
You have to have this if you're going to
play rock.
This is one of the most important
techniques for getting the right sound,
especially out of your lower, big, chunky
And the way to do it is to take this part
of your picking hand.
And connect it to this part of your
bridge, and let's do that.
Now, there's an experiment.
Let's play this, this chord, it's a C
power chord.
And, right there, it sustains.
And here
It doesn't, it gets a little bit shorter.
But the chord is still coming through,
we're still hearing the notes, especially
if we pick them.
So I'm gonna turn up, get some distortion.
And it really gives me dynamic.
Control, and total control over that power
I can hit it light and mute it.
[NOISE] Or I can, you know, hit it with a
great big.
[NOISE] Powerful downstroke, and
everywhere in-between.
And that's one of the most important
points of guitar playing, or
music in general, is to be able to control
the, the volume, and the dynamics of it.
That's going to make an audience pay
attention to you.
If you hit something.
And then you, then you surprise them with
a big note.
A big loud note.
That's really an effective way of
performing and, and
making some, bringing some drama and power
into a song.
So the piece that I opened up with I hit a
loud note and
then I immediately got quiet and then I
brought it up.
And that's such a good technique to
So it's not difficult just you know, you
just sort of lighten up and
you slowly add a little more.
I can't help it.
I'm making guitar faces when I do that, it
feels so good.
One, two, three, four.
And I'm doing a little punk rock move
where I slide down a half step and
[SOUND] That's sort of a,
that's a great punk rock, chord technique
with the power chord.
Then I'm going down to the g, [SOUND] just
somewhere to go that sounds good.
So I guess two things are happening here.
One is from, of course, from muting, and
the other is that we're picking lightly.
And then I gradually pick harder and
let off on that mute.
And that brings up the dynamics of that
chord, and
of course I'm starting with a big loud
one, so let's try it together.
Let's, let's see
if we slow this down.
It's really fun, so.
You know like I could do this all day.
This is a blast.
This, this stuff really is unique to,
to the electric guitar and has such a
great sound with, with distortion.
So you gotta get that muting sound.
I think all the other instruments are
jealous of us because we can go gic, gic,
gic, gic, gic, rah.
I know I wanna do it so let's do it
One, two, three, four.
All right, we got that chunky mute.
One, two, three, four.
All right.
I think it's really important, this
palming technique, so
I wanna make sure that you're doing it
right and feeling good about it.
So if you can, send me a video or check
out the other videos
that people have sent in to get the
details of this of this technique.
And what I want to see, I wanna see both a
cleaner sound and a distorted sound.
You know, if you've turned down the volume
on your guitar a little bit, [NOISE] and
hit that first note really loud and then
immediately, dive down.
Super quiet as whisper quiet and then fade
back up.
Another thing, if you can give me a one,
two, three, four at the beginning, it's
really important that your listener.
Whether it's you know an audience, a huge
stadium audience or me.
To know where one is.
So give me a nice, you know, one, two,
three four
And then also do it with
a distorted sound.
Crank up and see if you can control the
potential chaos.
So one, two, three, four.
All right.
So, I want to hear you doing that muting.
Go from really loud to super soft, and
slowly bring it up.
All with your guitar.
And I cant wait to see it and I'll give
you some comments.