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Rock Guitar Lessons: Single Note Introduction

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One, two,
Congratulations you have graduated to
single notes, this is a great moment for
any guitar player.
And I wanna show you the two single notes
we're gonna begin with which are B with
a down stroke and D with an up stroke and
after that we have an E power chord.
And I'm going back and forth between the E
power chord and the low E.
Like, let's see
And a little bit of the palm muting as
well to keep it under control, there's a
lot of notes going on here, so
I want to mute it a little bit.
All right, now, I want you to appreciate
what you've done so far, because we've
worked through a lot of chords and
we built up some great powerful muting
techniques with both hands.
We're using all sorts of parts of our
hands that.
You wouldn't think about for guitar you
know most people think,
oh finger tips that's what you use for
guitar but
we're using this part of our left hand to
mute out those strings we're using
the tip to sometimes mute a string above
it we're using our thumb on the top we're
using this part of our hand to control
that so now when we play single notes.
We could really sort of strum with wild
abandon, and it's still,
we're controlling the chaos.
We're not going [SOUND] there's not all
that happening.
We're able to do that and I'm picking like
I'm hitting all those and I bet you are,
I hope you are because it feels good and
sounds good you're getting a little extra
chick there.
All right, so this is, I just wanna
congratulate you because this is a great,
great technique that you've built from
your work with chords, and
it's really paying off right now when you
play single notes.
So let's try it together and by the way,
this riff starts on the and of three.
So you go one and two and three.
[SOUND] That's the first note.
The D comes quickly after it.
1 and 2 and 3.
1 and 2 and 3.
And that's a down and an up.
1 and 2 and 3.
Repeats, and then we do our riff.
1 and 2 and 3.
One, two, three.