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Rock Guitar Lessons: Pentatonic Chicka 2

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One, two, three, four.
All right.
This is the second half of the pentatonic
[SOUND] A very important scale, but
even more importantly is how we're
practicing it.
You know after some initial practice just
to learn the shape [SOUND].
I'll let you do that for a little while, a
little bit just so
you can visually have an idea where the
notes are.
But as soon as you got it,
I want to start installing this rhythm.
Now, we did this on the lower notes.
technique wise the higher notes are gonna
be more difficult to do the chicka.
The reason is, is muting gets more and
more challenging as we get to the higher
When we get to the top strings, [SOUND]
it's really challenging to do a chicka.
[SOUND] Because there's,
there's all these [SOUND] strings above it
that are potentially gonna make noise.
And I can't use my left hand muting
techniques because I'm on
the top string there [SOUND] and my thumb
won't bend all the way over.
It's just, it, it's just I have to be more
This is the first time I've had to be
careful and
I don't like it, but I'll deal with it and
the way to deal with it is to practice.
And I'm gonna just aim a little more
accurately at that string with my pick.
[SOUND] And I ended it a little bit with
these two middle fingers.
[SOUND] But that's a, that's a challenge,
you know, even,
even if you're an advanced player.
I think you'll, you'll find a challenge
from this one.
trying to get those notes accurate without
the string noise.
And, but it's such a good technique.
Because the more you do this, the more
it'll allow you to really be comfortable
with playing single notes from the higher
And not have the danger [SOUND] of all
those notes ringing out.
So this goes right to that issue.
And it really works on it.
And it sounds good on its own.
This is a great way to improvise.
All right,
so I'm doing a tiny, little bend.
[SOUND] And I use my pinky a lot.
And we're going to use our pinky a lot cuz
it's such a good finger.
[SOUND] But at this point, I'm not gonna
be that strict about it.
If you wanna put your third finger in
there, it's all right, no worries.
I won't dock you any points.
So let's try it again.
Any fingering you'd like.
The main thing is I want to mute as well
as I can, I want get the chicka,
I want to keep it in time and I'm gonna
count to four.
One, two, three, four.
All right, now,
now that you're comfortable with this
maybe try some improvising.
This is a, ya know, the whole reason you
learn scales is so you can improvise.
You can ya know, go around the scale and
do different syncopations.
So I'm just playing around with it now,
but the techniques that I'm using are all
developed from.
All right so I'd love to see you do this.
I think that this is the best way you
could ever practice a scale and
I want to see how it's doing what kinda
results your getting.
So please send a video in.
And also check out everybody else's videos
so you can tune in your fingers,
tune in your ears, and really nail the
One, two, three, four!