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Rock Guitar Lessons: Basic String Skipping

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One, two, three, four.
All right,
you may have heard of a technique called
string skipping.
And it's usually associated with, you
know, crazy wild solos.
But I wanna begin the technique right
here, and
when we get to the end of this pentatonic
We're on the bottom string,
the bottom and pitch, [SOUND] on the
A-note, but right after it I'm gonna skip,
[SOUND] up to that G-string, to the C-note
on the G-string, so
that's a big jump, [SOUND] and we're gonna
do it with our first finger.
So let's, if you look at what your hand
has to do to make that happen,
it's a pretty big shift.
And your hand position, so let's watch
that again, and keep your eye,
actually keep your eye on my thumb because
it's gonna,
it's gonna really do a big move here.
Three, four.
So check that out,
I think I'm sticking it over so I can get.
A nice little chick.
And then hitting that vibrato note.
So, let's concentrate just on that
Just the, those two notes on the low E.
The C and the A, [SOUND] and then [SOUND]
the high C.
We'll do it in time and we'll just loop it
to get that technique.
We'll do it slowly too.
So, we'll go like one, two, three, four.
Really good exercise.
If you wanna focus on in them even more.
Just take those two notes, that really.
Lets you practice the transition and
this is all happening with your first
So again, my hand is moving a lot, so
really take a look at how the hand
position changes.
And if I just try to stay in one place,
I don't have the same level of comfort or
So, this is what I wanna encourage,
is that shift in hand position between
those two notes.
That's what gonna make all our string
skipping in the future work as well.
So, it works now, and it works for all the
crazy stuff coming up.
All right.
Let's put it in the whole lick.
This is a syncopated lick.
So it's got down, up, down, up.
That'd be down, up, down, up, down, down,
down, down.
All right so.
[MUSIC] Yeah.
Please try this one.
Because it's a simple-sounding phrase and
you know, it, it may sound like.
That's easy.
But this is really important technique to
build up and it,
it don't underestimate that first finger
We're gonna really use that a lot coming
So make sure we get that to, to point
where it's indestructible [NOISE].
You can close your eyes and go [NOISE].
You can look away, you can tap your foot,
you can have all sorts of distractions and
still play that.
We wanna make this like indestructible.
All right, let's do it together one last
One, two, three, four.