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Rock Guitar Lessons: Bending/Pull-Off Combination

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One, two, three, four.
This is possibly my favorite guitar lick
ever to be played on a guitar.
I love,
That's such a great lick.
The day that I discovered that bending
that was the best day of my guitar life.
Cuz finally, my guitar could come alive
with such a cool sounding bend.
It definitely came from guitar players
like, Jimmy Page and Mick Ralphs from Bad
They all had that great bending sound.
And let's take a look at this one.
The thing that's cool about this one is
that it has a bend.
after I come down on the bend [SOUND] to
the, to the the unbent note.
It's got a pull-off after that.
And the pull-off is really important.
I'm not picking there.
That's happening because my third finger
[SOUND] is pulling off [SOUND].
So that's one, two, three.
Three notes,
we're basically simulating these three
But we're getting it a lot more stylishly.
And we're doing it with a single pick.
We're just doing one downstroke.
And all the rest happens,
it's all generated by the power of the
left hand.
So this is a really great sounding
technique and it's great to develop for
other things as well.
So you gotta do this one.
So let's take a look how I'm putting it
inside the riff.
I think it's best to practice it rhythmic
And our rhythm is our familiar gallop.
I'm just doing a real short one.
Doing a couple power chords.
These are actually,
you're familiar with these chords, we've
been playing them a long time.
And, they're the same as a power chord,
[SOUND] it's just that I have the root
note on top.
Instead of on the bottom.
If you look up where those notes are,
they are the same, so that's why it's
still called power chords.
All right.
That's the beginning, and
then we're going to do our bend.
Now the bend happens pretty quickly.
And I do start.
On the unbent note, but
I get to that bent note.
Quick enough where it still feels.
Like, a single, like a single note.
That's gonna take up a single beat like.
All right.
So that's a great technique by itself.
And we'll, then we'll come down.
There it is.
Dun, dun.
So we're simulating again.
That's how it
would sound if I couldn't bend.
Or if like, if a piano player played that.
But my bent version one, two, three, four.
Then our pull-off.
These are really
important techniques that, that I hope
you're as excited about it as I am.
Cuz this is such the core of so many cool
And it's cool by itself.
I love this sound.
One, two, three, four.
That's, that's just, the guitar feels like
a guitar now.
One, two, three, four.
That's, that's just beautiful.
I love that.
So I wanna hear you do that as well.
And let's put it in the riff one more
A one, two, three, four.
Okay and we have one ending note.
Which is the A.
And I'll give them a little bit of vibrato
if you want you can do our slide off.
One of those two some stylistic thing.
Let's try it again.
Maybe I'll do both of those.
I'll do one where I vibrato and one where
I slide and you can hear the difference.
One, two, three, four.
Such a good bend.
Again, we're really doing a lot of things
that are gonna build your calluses,
in these things.
Both the, the trills, the hammer-ons.
And those are all taking a lot of hard,
you know,
nice hard skin on the end of your fingers.
So, I think you've got it by now because
you've been practicing a lot.
And all these things.
But, just wanted you to be aware of that.
That, that especially on the bends.
You know, if you have soft fingers that's
really gonna,
you're only going to be able to do it a
little bit every day.
And gradually, your fingers will get
harder, you'll have nice, good calluses.
And I think maximum, six weeks,
you'll have professional, stadium rocked
calluses that you can bend with.
All right.
So, one more time.
I could hear this lick, forever.
One, two, three, four.