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Rock Guitar Lessons: The Muted Sweep

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One, two, three, four.
All right.
This is very similar to what we just did,
but I wanted to put more emphasis on these
chord tone bends and I wanna introduce
a brand new technique, which I would like
to call, the muted sweep.
And you might have heard of sweep picking
before, it's a popular guitar
technique and it's where we do one motion
[SOUND] across the strings.
And a real sweep, [SOUND] will have notes
in it.
But, I want to do a muted sweep where I
just mute the strings.
[SOUND] And get the percussive effect,
[SOUND] sort of a percussive glissando,
you know, almost like when a piano player
will run their,
their finger down the piano to go [SOUND]
you get that [SOUND] that same effect
[SOUND] percussively on the guitar.
[SOUND] And it's just one single motion
sweeping across like a broom,
[SOUND] to get that.
And I like to use that as an introduction
to a note.
And this, this part in itself doesn't
really have to me a rhythmic value.
It's not, it's not making me bang my head.
[SOUND] It's just more of a, more of a
percussive effect.
So, if I bend a string,
[SOUND] I might put [SOUND] that [SOUND]
that percussive sweep before it.
[SOUND] Or [SOUND] that sort of makes it
sound professional, you know?
Even though there aren't notes there it
gives still gives the effect
of [SOUND] and it sounds like you're, you
know, suddenly have some harp technique.
[SOUND] So, I played this as an example
earlier, when I,
when I opened this lesson and I did it
with distortion.
A little bit hard to hear them.
So I, I think this is gonna come out
better clean.
Let's try to get a clean sound by turning
down our volume.
[SOUND] Maybe I'll do it with less, less
boxes on it.
[SOUND] Yeah, let's try it like this.
Let's see how it works.
So, the same riff we did, but I'm just
gonna do a single bends up to our chord
tones with that muted sweep at the
Let's just get it in our ears first.
One, two, three, four.
Oh, like that.
[SOUND] Now to make that so it's not
[SOUND] I do have to muting on this hand.
[SOUND] That's gonna be the difference
between [SOUND] or
[SOUND] so obviously, that muting's very
important and
[SOUND] I'm doing a little bit of muting
with my left hand, but [SOUND] really.
Yeah, actually that matters too.
Using the thumb and [SOUND] your thumb
mutes up those bottom ones.
So, muting with both hands to make sure
that percussion remains percussion and we
don't get unwanted notes.
So, let's try one of those slow.
Let's go let's see.
We'll go.
That's nice.
That's a lot of fun.
All right.
Now just out of curiosity, I'm gonna try
this with more distortion and
see if I can still get those to come out.
I'm just curious, so I'm gonna see if it
One, two, three.
Oh, yeah.
Really expressive technique and
you don't have to worry about the notes
inside that sweep,
[SOUND] cuz they're all muted.
And just makes you sound like a pro, feels
good, I love everything about it.
All right.
So, I wanna hear you doing that.
So, you know, again with this lesson make
a video of yourself playing it,
send it on in I'll have a look.
Also, check out the other students that
have been trying it.
And playing these licks, you know, I'm,
I'm doing a lot of repetition on
the opening of these, you know, we're
doing this at the beginning [SOUND] to
a lot of these examples and I'm doing that
on purpose because I, you know,
we're still getting used to holding the
pick this new way and I,
I love this repetition because it's gonna
make you more and more indestructible when
you play these things and, and that's
really what our goal is.
We wanna have these things so they are so
strong that they are comfortable we don't
have to think about them, we can just
enjoy the music with our indestructible
technique and I want to see you do it, so
send it on in and rock and roll.
One, two, three, four.