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Rock Guitar Lessons: Shuffle on the Volcano

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One, two, a one, two, three.
All right we're doing some fast things
here but
I think they are going to be easy for you
to play because we've prepared for it.
We've been playing a lot of shufflely
things and this is a great shuffle triplet
kind of solo, and it's the kind of solo
that, in a 1980s heavy metal video.
You would stand on top of a volcano and
play that lick you know.
You know what,
the lava coming out and explosions, and
that sort of amazing guitar solo lick,
the whole band stops, to let you have your
moment in the spotlight.
And let's figure out how to play it.
So we're doing a familiar technique that
we learned for playing shuffle rhythm.
But we're doing my secret,
putting the upstroke on the downbeat
trick, and let's just do it on this hight
set, the last highest strings you've got,
and we'll do that rock and roll rhythm.
Like that, and I'm gonna put in our pull
off and we've done this in the last lesson
where we pull up in the middle of each
shuffle so,
and the notes that I'm playing,
just all notes in the high E string, F
G sharp and A, and pulling off each one.
At the end I just leave it ring.
Okay, now I want to play that for
you a couple times, because even though
there's only three notes.
They repeat and they do a pattern.
I think the easiest way to get it is just
to listen to it and
sorta get that melody in your head.
The da, da, da, da, da, dot, duh, dah.
All right, I also did it up an octave.
this is a major guitar soloy stuff, but
every piece of this we've done before.
We're barring with our first finger
[SOUND] to get those two notes.
And we're just recreating what happened
down here.
Where instead of doing a single finger
with an open string now we're
making that happen with our third finger,
our pinky, and I'm gonna reach up and the
reacher isn't so bad.
I mean it looks like it's a lot of frets
but they're close together because it's
the top of the neck so you can get it if
you use the right hand position.
Let's see what hand position I'm using.
I mean I've got, must admit, I've got big
So even if I have to stretch, something
insane like that, it's still get-able, so
if I can get here, you can get here, and
maybe you can get there too.
I don't know, but let's try this, we'll
and just listen for now,
I just want to get this melody in your
You know, repeat it a bunch of times so
you can sing it.
we're using this familiar technique that
we learned in the last example when we
were doing the.
Everything is the same.
Picking the upstroke and the downbeat.
[SOUND] Doing the pull-off.
[SOUND] And then doing the downstroke on
the landing note.
[SOUND] And just in case, let's try it
let's go one, two, three, four.
And up an octave.
I did a nice big slide down,
dramatic slide [SOUND] back to the lower.
All right, so, I think you're gonna get
this really easily you already have all
the parts, it's just a matter of
practicing it, making it indestructible,
and I'll play it a couple more times, I'll
play it once super slow, once medium, and
once fast, here comes the slow one, one,
two, three, four.
Quiet too and muted.
Now let's do a medium tempo.
A one, two, three, four.
Is still pretty cooking.
Yeah, let's see how quick we can get this.
One, two, a one, two, three.
Now this may be an obvious point, but
we're not picking every note.
This is a, a lot of notes and they're all
locked into a rhythm, and
I love the way they sound.
But we're not picking.
You know,
we're not picking sixteenth note triplets,
we're using that pull-off.
To make it easier to pick, and I think
make a better sound.
I think it's more smooth sounding that
In fact, if you want to practice the pure
technique of it, just pick one part of it
and sort of loop that, but
make sure that it's locked into the, into
the groove of your foot.
So one, two, three, four.
if I take away my left hand and only do
the picking, it would be.
I'll turn that up a little bit.
And you know that already.
It's that same picking technique we've
been doing, and this is one of the main
reasons why I wanted to show you this,
because that technique of doing that up
stroke on the down beat, and
being able to do that shuffle, translates
Exactly the same technique.
So if you can do it for the rhythm, you
can do it for the song.
You already know all the pieces, just put
'em together, practice like crazy,
send it in to me, I wanna see you do this.
I know it's gonna sound awesome, and if
there's a volcano nearby,
stand on top and lean your eyes back and
maybe put on,
you know, have some giant 80s hair, and go
one, two, three, four!
One, two.
One, two, three.