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Rock Guitar Lessons: Intense Thumb

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A one, two, one, two, three.
That is about the most intense thing I
could ever imagine playing on guitar,
and, it all is courtesy of using the thumb
above the neck.
So, let's take it apart.
The first part I'm doing this.
Little melody out of pentatonic.
That's a nice melody.
It starts with a bend.
Using our giant finger to get the bend.
And I'm sort of strumming it.
Doing pretty big motions, using my,
using my method of holding the pick like
we did when we're strumming.
So one, two, three.
And then right there,
I start this big nice bonk, with the
I'm getting this low A with my thumb,
and then the high A, with my third finger,
so I'm getting an octave there.
One, two, three.
That sounds great.
That's the beginning of it.
Then we'll do a quick little intro.
We sort of, we can move around.
[LAUGH] Maybe get some,
we get some thumb calluses moving around
this way.
So I go.
I'll slow it down a little bit so
you can hear better.
One, two, three.
Or whatever transition you like, and
then the intense part comes up, and it
sounds like this.
A lot of really cool sliding in this.
So, one, the down beat, is this note with
your third finger.
And that, it just starts out with a little
unassuming note there.
But then it immediately, immediately
slides with your thumb, so.
All right, let's see how this works.
So it's one, two, three, four, one.
I'm doing a familiar power chord on those
two middle strings with barring, but I'm
sliding this time.
Instead of using two fingers, slide down
I'll use my thumb to get a nice bass note
on there.
So one, two, nice and slow.
>> All right, that's the first part.
Then the answer goes.
All right, so our,
our target note is with our first finger.
On that A note in the B string.
And then our third finger's sliding up to
it in the low E string.
It doesn't really matter where you
start but where you end.
Is on that C sharp.
So, you get this two note chord.
All right, let's hear this together, slow.
One, two, three, four.
All right, there we go.
So let's add some intensity to it, play it
a little harder, a little groovier.
One, two, three, four.
In the picking,
we're mostly doing downstrokes.
Just sort of, that accent.
But it's basically down, down, down.
But I'm aiming for the middle strings and
the low strings.
Obviously there I have to aim for
the low string.
With a down stroke.
And the top string with a down stroke.
The, the tempo's slow enough, where we
can do all down strokes, we don't need to
be efficient and do any alternate picking.
We just sort of bash away at this with
down strokes.
So one, two, three, four.
right let's put the beginning on which
again is.
Now I want to
figure out what beat this starts on and if
I count it, one and, two and, three.
So this actually starts on the and
of three.
One and, two and, three and.
[SOUND] One and, two and, three and.
It's a really cool place to start a song.
It's unusual, so when the audience first
hears it, they're a little bit thrown off,
but right when you start hitting the
accents, you teach them where one is,
and everything is groovy.
So here we go.
One and, two and, three.
That's your first note.
One and, two and, three.
One and, two and, three.
All right, let's put that up to tempo.
One, two, three.
That's really, really cool guitar playing.
Thank you.
The thumb.
I love the thumb.
It's it's a great tool.
Please work it in along with all your
other fingers and send me some videos so
I can see you using your thumb and rocking
All right I can't wait to see you and
check out the students too, cuz they're
gonna be playing some cool stuff.
And thanks for listening to my ideas about
the thumb.
A one, two, one, two, three.