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Rock Guitar Lessons: Introduction to Fast Playing

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One, two, three, four.
All right.
Welcome to My Introduction to Fast
In this part of the course, we're gonna go
through fast things.
We're gonna do 16th notes, 16th note
triplets and
other rhythmic figures that are designed
to melt faces with your guitar.
This is the fast things and before you
begin, I want to make sure
that you've gone through the beginning
course, and the intermediate course.
The techniques that I showed there, even
the beginning ones,
are the core techniques that are gonna
allow you to play these easily.
And really, most of the things in here are
not difficult if,
you've gone through the first couple
So go back if you haven't already and go
through those and
if you have through, you're ready.
We're gonna have a great time with this
fast playing and the thing I wanna tell
you about this is, these are ideas that I
got from learning from other instruments.
There's a lot of great guitar licks that
are guitar-ish, you know, if you hear.
That's a very guitar-ish kind of phrase.
But these are phrases that I got from
trying to learn from piano players from
cello players, from violin players, from
classical musicians, from jazz musicians,
from from pop musicians, from learning
piano pieces in, in rock music.
But it's influenced by pure notes,
not just from guitar shapes or fingerings
that are convenient, but
from notes that I heard and I thought I
love that series of notes.
I love that phrase.
I want to find a way to play it on my
And from doing that for years and years, I
discovered all of these techniques and
I've put them into a systematic order and
a [LAUGH] there's it's everything I know.
This is really a wealth of technical
And so I'm gonna show you this technique
by technique.
We're going to build it up slowly into a
giant ball of amazing technique that's
gonna make your fast playing
just like your slow playing and medium
playing is now.
All right.
So get ready, pick up your guitar and
let's get it started.
All right.
Thanks a lot.
One, two, three, four.