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30 Day Challenge
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Rock Guitar Lessons: A Minor Pentatonic 4

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All right, so.
I'm gonna give you a little bit of a
challenge, which is to take the previous
example, but this time we're gonna start
it with the first finger.
So, when we, when we do that, you know,
before we had these notes.
That was our starting point of the lick.
If we take this, the pinky away [SOUND]
just start with our first finger [SOUND]
it means we're missing a note.
So, I wanna add that note back, but on the
So, we're gonna go down one note further
in the scales.
So, it's gonna sound like this.
Three, four,
There we go.
So, this time we're going down all the way
[SOUND] to that D note and
I'm chosing to stop there and turn around
again to keep the rhythm.
So end it in a nice spot.
If I go down a note further.
sort of lose my sense of where the accents
So, I'm choosing this amount of notes to
stay within a.
You know a it's a kind of rhythm that I
So here we go.
Let's try this out.
This one is gonna start with an upstroke
and then immediately go to a down.
So we'll go up down.
And then we're into our familiar series of
lots of downs.
All right and this time.
Let's see.
Basically it's really similar to what
we did in the last exercise, we have a lot
of down strokes in a row,
after that first up.
The same kind of turn
around where we have to do down, up, and
then we start hammering on.
So let's see,
And then up, up, up, up so a again there's
a lot of ups in a row a lot of downs in a
row let's take a look at this slowly.
All right this this is a really good
a a really good lick let's try it a little
One, two, three, four.
[LAUGH] this is a challenge but I think
you can do it, it's so similar to the last
one, it just sort of shifts the note over,
it's the same techniques but
in a slightly different relationship to
where our beat is.
Now that's important to know where the
beat is,
so let's try doing it together with
banging your foot on the ground.
One, two, three, four.
This is so cool, because what's happened,
because we started on the one note lower.
It's shifted all the rhythms all around.
Now our downstrokes are actually on the
syncopated beats and
our up strokes are on the down beats.
The actually technique we're using hasn't
We're just taking something we're used to
playing and shifting it over a beat.
So that takes some practice to get used
to, but
it's really not doing anything new
So let's play it once again kinda slow
with the foot.
That's, that's what we have to lock it
We have to be aware of where those beats
are in, in the rhythm.
So one, two, three, four.
You can really feel those up strokes being
on the down beats.
That feels kinda good I like that.
And then all the downs are on ups.
So, let's try it one more time.
One, two, three, four.
This is fun to practice, I like this one,
alright let's try it a little more a
little faster.
One, two, three, four.
I think [INAUDIBLE] let my
foot do halftime [INAUDIBLE] a little
quick for my foot.
A one, two, three, four.
All right a little faster.
That's really cool.
One, two, three four.
right great potential in this one, so
check it out.