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Rock Guitar Lessons: A Natural Minor

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All right.
We've been doing two notes per string, and
we've been doing one note per string.
But now it's time for a new number, and
you may have guessed it,
three notes per string.
Let's play these three notes.
Now we've done this before.
We've had some nice legato exercises doing
In previous examples.
And we're going to use that a lot here, so
it's all going to pay off.
Now I want to begin with these three
notes, C, B, A, and
I want to start it with an upstroke.
Upstroke on the downbeat.
So again, our shuffle licks are gonna pay
off here.
Picking that with an up and
doing two pull-offs after it.
We're gonna make sure to get those even.
And strong.
All right.
So after that we're gonna do the three
notes on a string and we're gonna do one
note one a string right after it.
There it is [SOUND] with our pinky.
On the B string G note, [SOUND] that's it.
So our goal is to do the whole thing,
we're gonna go down, we're gonna go up.
But before we go up, I really wanna nail
this lick and really get it confident.
So let's just try that by itself, and
let's see how it works, so
the picking motions again are up.
And then a down on that note the G.
Here we go one, two, three, I'll do
Three, four.
Muscle pull-offs.
Picking up down.
Pull-offs in the middle.
All right.
I think you've got it.
All right, so after that we're gonna go
back up our scale.
And go all the way.
Let's look at what pick notes we've gotta
All right,
so again we're starting with that up.
We were down and up a down and
then back to our up.
So every time we loop it we have that
consistent up on the first note.
So this one.
The interesting
thing about this is we have four picks
notes in a row.
This is more than we've done in the past.
A lot of pick notes in a row.
But we also have a little bit of pull-offs
to help give us a break and
get us ready for it.
So, let's look at where the notes are
So, it's almost like.
Let's see it'd be up, down.
There it is.
So, [INAUDIBLE] that's what we're picking.
If I go.
That's what we're picking.
All right, so I wanna try that super slow
so you can really watch what I'm doing and
make sure we got it right.
One, two, three, four.
All right.
So, now we've got it.
Let's start speeding it up a little bit.
One, two, three, four.
One, two, three, four.
As you can probably tell,
this is a really good exercise for these
last two fingers.
It's really gonna get them coordinated and
strong and able to keep a really even
Now let's try it loud and soft, and this
we'll do by picking harder and by muting.
Whisper quiet,
bring it up slowly.
All right, after you can do that,
I think we have enough indestructibility
to speed it up a bit.
Let's try this.
One, two, three, four.
That's a good lick.
Let's speed it up even a little more.
One, two, three, four.
That's pretty ferocious.
Let's try it one more time with some more
One, two, three, four.
All right so
we've got a really fast ferocious triplet
there those are triplets one, two, three,
one, two, three, one, two, three, one,
two, three.
And, fantastic.
I want you to work on this one a lot.
Strengthen up these fingers.
Be able to do it quiet.
And loud.
Be able to control the,
right where it stops.
You know, make sure that last note,
is the last note.
Put a period on the end of that sentence.
All right.
So that's a great, exercise again, for
having the up stroke on the down beat.
And now we're playing three notes per
Two, three, four.