Paul Gilbert Guitar Lessons Reviews

Check out what students are saying about online guitar lessons with Paul Gilbert! Also, be sure to read the review from Guitar Noize


"I think the quality level of what you are doing is really quite amazing. I’ve been with you guys 18 months or so – and in that time I’ve seen things grow into a fully-fledged guitar teaching service that I actually could not live without. Thank you for making me a better musician."


I just wanted to say thank you. My Guitar Playing/practicing has been turbocharged by Paul's Rock school. This really has changed my life for the better. Thank you again!" 

"Paul is an extremely enthusiastic and engaging personality, who seems like he's actually enjoying what he's doing. Watching his videos is an altogether enjoyable and genuine experience, which encourages you to participate in the communal aspects of the site. What's really incredible about this format is that if you post a video, Paul will check it out and offer some helpful feedback. It's kind of crazy to think about, but if you're a member, that's what you get access to."

Bobby Kittleberger, read the full review on GuitarChalk

"There is a real difference in one who calls himself a teacher and just shows you what he knows, versus one who introduces you to what he knows, breaks it down, and guides you through it, leading you not only to gain the same knowledge but to feel as enthusiastic about the music as the teacher is. 

This is the big thing about Paul Gilbert's teaching that really stands out and why even through online instruction, his guitar lessons are a wealth of knowledge and encouragement.  Even virtually hanging out with him, it's always a good time."



"The school is awesome! I have learned more in one year there than I have learned in all the rest of my years of guitar playing combined. I definitely recommend checking it out."

Paris Cloyd


"The best guitar lessons I have ever taken. Playing better than ever now!"

Greg Gonzalez


"This is hands-down my favorite website and educational experience I've ever had. Paul is as far as I'm concerned, the best guitar teacher in the world and you guys have an awesome design and implementation. I've never felt so satisfied and learned so much from being subscribed to ANY other paid website. I'd seriously lose my Costco membership before I'd lose this one. As long as Paul's here, I'm here. Paul Gilbert through Artistworks has transformed both my playing and my overall enjoyment and love of music."

Todd Cullum


"I must say how awesome Paul Gilbert's lessons are for a guitar player... and I'm not even a rock guitarist!"



"I love this site! I have learned a lot in only 2 days. It just goes to show your age has nothing to do with learning. It's all about your desire within!"



"Been a member for a couple of days and feel like I've learned the same as 2 years!"



"This website is amazing, the crazy amounts of guitar knowlege housed here blows my mind."



"Regardless of being a total alien or having years of experience on the guitar, this course by Paul is not only inspiring, but refines a guitarist to be attentive towards whatever is being taught. Moreover, having direct video guitar lessons and the whole Video Exchange programme really makes you a better player at your own pace. Not forgetting the community enrolled in this course is simply heartwarming and supportive towards each other. You'll be surprised at the talents growing among this course. Not only we get inspired by Paul, but we get inspired by one another! Grab a guitar, and ready or not, you're going to rock n' roll!"




Not only am I loving these guitar lessons, but the whole site is great... I'm getting caught up with the forum material - some great stuff there too... It's social media with a point!"

Jennifer Eden


"Everything I learn I have learned through this site and some scale and chord books to help. I was always a fan of Paul Gilbert. When I learned of his new School I knew it was a must for me. 

I have always been told about how great a teacher he is and these lessons back that up to a T. 

After I lost my pinky they told me I would never be able to play the guitar. This site has proven them wrong. It works. And all from a computer monitor. 

As far as the other students on this site, nothing but supportive."



“I just wanted to give a HUGE thank you to Paul Gilbert for taking all of the time and effort to make this happen. Your guitarlessons are amazing and I can really tell how much you care abou each one of your students. It means the world! You have continued to inspire me from the first day I heard one of your songs! Thanks and I'm really glad to be a part of this website!"



“This online Rock Guitar School has gotta be one of if not the best opportunities for advancing guitarists to learn!"



“I've been playing sixteen years and never took a lesson because they looked miserably overwhelming. I watched the first eight of Paul's online guitar lessons in a row without even realizing it, and they immediately made me better. Definitely check it out if you play or want to learn. If neither of those apply to you, recommend it to a friend and be their hero. Great times.



"This site is addicting, I've never played so much guitar."



"It's so amazing to be learning directly from Paul Gilbert himself, and it feels cool to be somewhere around so many people with good taste in music for a change. This is my new favorite site."