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Tune in in 30 MINUTES! Ask a question for the chance to win 3 free months. ArtistWorks live with Richard Amoroso:

Hi all! This Thursday, January 18th, at noon PST, we are hosting an ArtistWorks LIVE event! We'll be chatting with brand new violin instructor, Richard Amoroso. Tune in for the chance to win 3 free months at ArtistWorks! Here is the link:

big congratulations to Artistworks for receiving academic accreditation!! That is so cool!! Keep up the awesome work!!

@HZA I tried to click that link, 404 page not found

can we get some more beat juggle vids?

WUFILES 5.5 FREE DOWNLOAD! Start the new year off with the W. All the lyrics youll need all year !! HNY!

cool vids @djfreshkit ! Thank you for sharing!

Just uploaded 2 vids on my student page for whom is interested


Well done Kurteek, congrats man.

Thank you all !

My veteranos in here I need a beat ID from an older lesson if you have this beat that q is using in lesson let me know thanks in advance

good job whothefunk Respect

Kurteek is a beast!! Well earned!! Congratulations!!

Congrats Kurteek!

Congratulations to our 2017 Valedictorian!

@djfreshkit thank you man!! I'll be addin more stuff to it soon! :)

@Zsonic I checked you Vlog on dope dope stuff ma man

I'm stoked to see everyone's Valedictorian videos!!!!!!!!!! YAAAAAAAAUUUUU!!!!!

They are all chill and fair people worry not my friend :)

Well in the worst case scenario the administration will see your current message and still count your video as with in the deadline for the Valedictorian


i can't send the message we return.this... Hello, You have already submitted a video for DJ Qbert to review. Keep practicing and you can send in another video submission once you receive a reply. Thank you!

Click on the blue submit video button on the link below.

I can not send my video ... for valedicto''

D-MAN, Click on the submit video on this page.

Submit a video isn't working.... here's a screenshot

good job


@ QSU ..... Super stoked for this , Get to work and let the best nerd win!!

@Zsonic thanks buddy he needed to read this so he can get hyped to progress :D

stoked for Valedictorian!! It's finna be AAWWWWWWNNNN!! FRESH!

@freshkit overall your flow is smoother and has more variation. Your skratches feel a little more natural. Although your homie has those chirp-flare combos down really well, and his "Say what" phrasing at the end was cleaner than yours. overall I'd say you are a little better than your homie, but it's close.

@Mctwist other than the crabs/twiddles it's mostly transforms and stabs. there's a couple flares in there. dope skratching though! Transforms are the best!

@QSU could you help me settle a century old debate with one of my scratch bros. Watch my personal video 1 and tell me who is better according to you ! thanks in advance :)

Oh yes!

@eldawg I'm locked and loaded!

December 18, 2017! Due date for Valedictorian submissions.

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