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Skratch Lessons: Autobahn

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All right,
so you're gonna learn the autobahn
But you got to learn a couple of scratches
before you can get to that level of doing
the autobahn.
Let's do the autobahn real quick.
So what that is.
I'm just doing two clicks right here.
So what that means is, you gotta learn
your two click flare.
So if you don't know your two click flare,
then you can't really jump to the
You can jump to it but, I suggest you
learn the two click flare first.
So the two click flare is.
So you can do all kinda stuff with two
click flare.
Right so it's gonna come naturally.
Like you're gonna be doing the two click
flare and doing all these scratches.
And then once you get that two click flare
you pretty much don't even have
to do anything you know.
You ju, you just sit there and your hands
doing this all day.
Anyway so,
let's breakdown of what the autobahn is.
All right?
So let's do this super fast.
Then we'll go super slow.
All right?
So let's see what the hell that is.
The first movement is [SOUND].
All right, so let's write that down.
That's the first movement.
But it, seriously, you don't need, you
don't need to learn
this breakdown because I learned it going
fast because of two click flares.
Cuz it just comes to you.
Like oh, okay.
You're doing two click flare, and
you all of a sudden do that.
But let's try to break it down anyway.
So first movement is, is [SOUND].
Fader closed.
Fader closed.
[SOUND] Next movement is.
[SOUND] A little tiny, like a little tiny
[SOUND] All right, little tiny one.
Almost sounds like a, maybe it's just
All right second movement.
Okay then we go here, same thing.
Then we do the stab thing here all right.
Okay [SOUND] Okay, so the third one is.
Is like a kinda like a longer one.
Okay, so that third one is [SOUND] Right?
So is.
[SOUND] All right.
So is a, it's like a long one so it goes
Then it goes.
So the next clicks are there.
That's your autobahn right there.
I probably explained it differently in
other videos, but
I'm really breaking it down now.
Cuz I'm, I'm learning more about the, the
way to do it the correct way here.
Yo L Dog, upload this in the the autobahn
section I'm gonna redo that video.
This is a lot easier to explain.
All right?
So that's it right there
So, let's do it slow.
And they say kill it.
Lets mark that even more clear.
This is one way of
making it sound like the autobahn, but you
can move, like, you can move stuff around.
Like, like, so this second one, you can
move it forward, like,
move the record forward.
See that?
>> See, like, the second one's going.
The first one's here.
Then the second one.
Is like moved forward [SOUND] And then the
third one is just kinda like
another movement forward but the end part
comes backwards.
All right and you can do do it backwards
Like two back and one forward like reverse
But anyway, I don't even know how to do it
super slow I've just been doing it fast as
hell because its just its just natural to
do two quick thing.
All right so that's what is this scratch
right here?
Let's break it down what is what is this
first part?
Its almost like.
Its like a delayed flare.
That is a delayed flare, but
I drew it wrong.
I drew it like this to make it simple for
you to, to understand.
So this is like a delayed flare.
Like from, from here to here is a delayed
But, I'm just adding this extra thing in
here, cuz it's like, you know.
That's the Autobahn.
All right?
So let's do, let's just do this part right
All right, so if you, if you don't know
how to do a delayed flare, you won't, you
pretty much won't get the autobahn.
That's a delayed flare.
Let's drop the delayed flare.
It's just this but let's simplify it.
[SOUND] All right?
It's that movement.
All right.
Fader close, fader close.
Next movement.
[SOUND] Is a stab.
All right.
So it's a little stab.
And it comes back.
[SOUND] All right, that thing, cherowita.
But, but, all right so faders close here.
That's a little stab, right in there.
[NOISE] That's it.
[NOISE] That's that's a delayed flare.
All right.
[SOUND] A slice, stab.
[SOUND] And a.
Like a reverse og flare.
And that's a delayed flare.
All right?
And you add an extra one of those, just do
this twice in the beginning.
Then you do that ending.
All right?
So that's pretty much how I can explain
the autobahn foot to you.
So you need to learn that.
But you need to learn the two quick flares
cuz, that will come a lot easier.
So hope that helps.
All right.
We have this scratch right here named
after, named by DJ Rafik.
He's from Germany.
You know, the Autobahn is the the freeway
where all the cars go really fast.
So this is this scratch right here.
[NOISE] But, in double time.
And that is an autobahn.
Let's do that slow, with the beat off.
Let's see.
See as you,
if you notice the records gonna be kinda
in two parts.
There's the beginning of the sound.
Then you're gonna use the second part.
you're gonna let it play after that first
[SOUND] Then you're gonna grab that, and
do that second part.
So watch.
First part, [SOUND] Up fade.
[SOUND] Then do that part.
the second part is gonna bring it back to
the beginning.
that first part what it is is if you know
the original flare.
This is gonna be the original flare
So original flare is.
And then a backwards one would be.
See, backwards.
Fader to open,
and then.
Release [NOISE] the reverse of the
original thing.
[NOISE] So that's
the first part.
[NOISE] Looks like
the second part is
the original flare.
so the first part is the, a reverse flare
to a original flare.
But the original flare is kinda
exaggerated cuz you gotta bring it back.
[SOUND] All right?
So that's pretty much how you do it.
So you got the original flare in reverse.
And then you let the record play, and you
do an original flare normal.
But kinda exaggerate, just to bring it
See that?
So let's do that with the beat going.
Right, that's it.
So, let's let's do that again.
So we've got the the first part, which is.
Yeah reverse,
og flare, and then let it go.
And you get original flare in a kind of
like spread-out way,
just to bring it back.
[SOUND] All right.
See, watch the line on the record.
It's gonna be this part over here.
The second part is gonna be over here, and
then back.
then you gotta just, I guess after a while
you'll kinda get used, you know,
get your own little fling in there.
that's pretty much how to do the Autobahn,
but you gotta learn the OG flare,
then the reverse flare, then you kinda
combine it in here.
And that's the Autobahn scratch [SOUND]