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Skratch Lessons: Scribble

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All right,
a Scribble is just a baby but really fast.
But it's not this.
That's just, that's a fast baby.
What it is, is you're going to tense up
your whole arm and
you're going to vibrate the record
Kind of like when,
I don't know if you can vibrate your head,
if you can see my head, it's vibrating.
So what you can do is you're gonna vibrate
your whole arm from back of your shoulder,
up to your fingertips.
That's a scribble.
Move it.
That's a scribble right there.
If you want to make it sound even more
fast you can kind of cheat by
using a high sound like fresh has a high
The end of the fresh with that sh.
So if you, it's a really, really high.
[SOUND] So if you scribble that's going
even be more.So, we'll, we'll test it out.
We'll do the beginning of the fresh.
There's that.
Cuz, it's kinda fast but
it didn't sound like it, but if you do it
on the SH, on the [SOUND].
It's kinda hard.
You can transform it.
Move it.
an easy way to do it is keep the, make
sure this is on.
It's really hard to do without, lets see.
That's really hard.
So for some reason, with the platter on
It helps you.
And that's the scribble.
You might need some coffee for that one,
get it really nice.
But yeah, scribble.
Mixmaster Mike, DJ of the Beastie Boys, he
named it the scribble back in the day,
it's cuz the first person we actually
heard do that was Mixmaster Ice from UTFO.
And Mix Master Mike, Mix Master Ice, I'm
was one of the main scratchers back in the
days, in 1985,
84, one of the main guys that innovated
He was the guy that came up-
One of the first guys
we heard doing a triplet back then, I was
like, whoa, that's a different pattern.
I mean there's so many music patterns now
but back then there was like oh,
that's something different.
Yeah, so, yeah, that's a scribble.
If you can find the album.
Skeezer Pleaser.
I think it's on that album, or that album
with that song on there.
There's a track on there where he does a
scribble and at that time it was like,
whoa what is that you know, but yeah.
Oh, shout out to my boy DJ Scribble, MTV
what's up.
[LAUGH] I'd like to see Scribble do the