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Skratch Lessons: Tweak

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Funky fresh.
>> Hi, this is called a tweak scratch
invented by Mix Master Mike back
in the day.
Also Cash Money did his own version of it.
It was called the R2D2 scratch cuz it
sounds like R2D2.
[NOISE] But what, what's happening is you
turn the record off, and
you move the record around by controlling
with the platter.
And so it's gonna make all these [NOISE]
whatever, sounds.
Stop that.
And so that's how you do it.
Kinda like you're scratching, and then you
press Stop, and
then you start using your thumb on the
platter by hitting it back and forth.
And then you transform it over here.
It's really good for practice for
[LAUGH] So there's a lot of ways you can
mess with that.
Also get your control on a record.
Use a long tone to, to, to get that.
If you wanna practice that tweet scratch.
Using long tones is really good for
practicing your transform cuz you don't
really have to do much on a record, it's
kinda doing itself by just playing.
And that's a tweak scratch.
Right there, I was using two fingers on
the platter.
And that's all.
Once again, shout out to Mix Master Mike
who invented the tweak scratch.
Guess that was back in, when transforming
first came out 86.
And then, I guess he just made his own
variation of it from there.
Check him out.
Beastie Boys, he did the song Three MCs
and One DJ.
Check that's Mix Master Mike's first
appearance on the Beastie Boys album.
If you ever hear that song, kills it.
I think that's the illest song on that
And yeah, what's up Mike?