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Skratch Lessons: Fader Preferences

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Okay, one thing that I wanted
to mention is that I use a fader in
reverse, hamster style.
Or a reverse fader which would be, the
normal way is, that turntable.
And, you go over here and do this kind of
thing, and then the middle,
it'd be both, right?
That's the normal way of scratching.
But, I use it in reverse.
Because back in
the days when we first had our mixers,
we didn't have all this cool equipment
with all the Nice cut offs on the fader.
I had, I had a mixer from RadioShack.
I started in 85, so I went down to
I saved up some money and got a $50 mixer.
And, it didn't have a cross fader.
It just had up and down faders.
So, I had to learn like this.
And so, by going up,
it translates [SOUND] this way on the
The same thing, I'm still going up.
And, that's why I'm scratching like that.
So, throughout the video, you'll see me
scratching in reverse.
Kinda like how Jimi Hendrix plays left
turns his strings upside down or whatever.
It's just a preference and you can do what
ever style you want.
Some DJ's still scratch with this.
Some DJ's scratch with the clicker.
Some DJ's open up these mixers and turn
the clickers sideways.
They scratch sideways or they even turn
these faders upside down.
And, they scratch upside down.
It's whatever you want to do.
If you can be left handed, or whatever.
So, just keep in mind what I'm doing.
This way just translate it the opposite.
Might actually help you because
it's kinda like a mirror image the way
you're looking at the fader.
But yeah.
Let me talk about mixers anyway.
Back in the days we didn't have this nice
cut offs like
You'd just have to go from here, a few
Or, what do you call it when it's like a
centimeters, when it's so small.
I think, a millimeter, right?
All right?
Yeah, okay.
So, a little milli, couple millimeters
[SOUND] To get that loud sound, but back
in the day it was.
Let me turn this cross fade, adjust it
Had to go all the way across [SOUND] for
it to be loud.
All right?
So, it's so to get that really sharp cut
off, we would.
We couldn't use these faders when they
finally came out because it was,
you had to fade and it was really hard.
Well, some people did it.
But we, here on the west coast,
we would cheat and we'd use these little
switches to get the really quick cutoff.
Now, on the east coast around the around
the 80s, middle 80s,
beginning 80s, they had a, a company
called the Gemini.
And, it's not the new Geminis that you see
but the old Geminis, it had a wooden,
wooden sides.
Not the ones that came out in the 90s or
whatever, but I guess in the early 80s,
they came out with this Gemini.
Actually, it didn't even have wooden
It was just all, all black.
You'll see it on Cash Money's record Ugly
People Be Quiet.
On the back cover, if you turn it over,
you'll see Cash Money having his mixer.
Also, Jazzy Jeff, Magnificent Jazzy Jeff,
his first album on the back cover.
He had the same mixer too.
So, those guy were on the east coast and
they had, Gemini had made a mixer and
on mistake Gemini made a crossfader that
cut off.
Had that cut off.
You just move it a few millimeters over
and it was completely loud.
And, that helped a lot of east coast DJ's
You know.
But, on the west coast you have [SOUND].
But, now a days all the mixes are complete
with these cut offs.
So, you can control if you want a long cut
off or a really short cut off.
Some mixes have it where you, you just
move it a hair and
it's super loud, you know.
[NOISE] But, I like a little tiny fade in
[NOISE] Because I like a little smooth
[NOISE] I don't want it to be all like
super choppy.
But, anyway, just wanted to mention to you
that the I'm gonna be using
the fader in reverse and that you gotta
keep that in mind.
Unless you wanna scratch in reverse too.