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Skratch Lessons: YChuck Harmonic Mixing

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What's up DJs?
It's your girl, Ychuck, and I'm here today
to help you improve your mixes.
If you're working on your latest mixtape
and you want all those mixes to sound
dope, you'll definitely wanna check out
another technique called harmonic mixing.
Harmonic mixing is the art of mixing
together two tracks that are in the same
musical key, or don't key clash with one
Basically, harmonic mixing allows you to
blend together tracks flawlessly,
regardless of the genre you like to spin.
Before you begin to harmonic mix, you'll
need to know two things.
The first is the key of all the tracks in
your collection,
and the second is the keys that are
compatible to mix together.
Before you begin to come up with a mix,
you wanna analyze all your files using a
software called Mixed In Key.
Mixed In Key analyzes your digital music
collection and
displays the key results in Camelot
Easymix notation.
Here's the Camelot Sound Easymix System.
This system is really easy to use.
What it does, is it assigns each key a
code number from one to 12.
The minor keys are As, and the major keys
are Bs.
Think of this wheel as a big clock.
If you begin with the record whose track
is in 2A, simply move on
the chart to the left or the right of the
record to find the compatible keys.
For example, if you're track is in 2A,
it's gonna sound good
if you mix it with a track that's in 1A,
in 2A, or in 3A.
You can also mix tracks together that have
the same number, but different letters.
For example, 2A and 2B will mix well
I use Serato when I DJ,
which is a great program because it
displays the key of all the tracks.
I also use the Key Lock feature,
which ensures that my tracks will stay in
key as I change the pitch of the records.
If you don't wanna use the Key Lock
feature when you DJ,
make sure you mix together tracks that are
very close in medium.
I can then demonstrate now a harmonic mix
for you.
I've chosen The Return of The Mack
acapella, which is in key 9B.
Since it's in key 9B,
I know it will mix well with tracks that
are in 8B, 9B, 10B, or 9A.
I'm gonna drop two different beats
First one's in 10B, and the second one
will be in 9A.
Listen to how both tracks match the a
capella perfectly.
That's it DJs.
If you're ready to improve your mixing,
it's time to start mixing harmonically.
I'm DJ Ychuck for Turntable TV.