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Skratch Lessons: Cue Points

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it's me DJ Qbert and I am going to
introduce to you DJ Meow, Meow Mix.
He just came back from, his hobby which is
being a samurai.
He likes to swing his plastic sword in the
city all over the place very wildly.
And he's here today to teach you about cue
points which is very important it can,
you know, you can start at the beat and
can make beats with the keyboard so
check this out.
DJ Meow Meow Scratch, where is he?
Today I will talk to you about cue points.
Cue points are very important in mixing,
of course,
you must learn to mix before scratching.
So, cue points, what is cue points?
Cue points is any point in the song that
you wish to access,
with the simple press of a button.
And I will show you how to do that.
First, I will show you using the mouse.
Oh, mouse.Where's the mouse?
I mean, mouse on keyboard.
First, I have song.
Where can I make cue point on this?
Oh, I like that song.
Let me make cue point there.
Mmh, let's see.
Look at song.
Listen for song.
Right there, where that white line is.
That's where it is.
So I take mouse and keyboard.
These are your cue points, you can store
one, two,
three, four, five, six, I cannot see well.
Six different cue points.
All I do is simply hit, plus sign.
And wallah, cue point.
If I wish to play key point again any time
during song, I just push play,
right here next to that cue point.
Pretty dope, yes?
Now if you wish use
keyboard which I personally love.
I will show you how to use keyboard only.
Let us find out the key point in song.
Let's see hm.
Oh, how, let's try that.
Find cue point again where you wish to.
Now I push command or open apple and 1,
because that is cue point one on left
As you can see, your key point is now
It even tells you at 18.4 seconds, this is
what you will hear.
You can manually look using cue points.
The fun
thing about cue points is you get multiple
cue points and actually make beats.
Let's try one, shall we?
[NOISE] I wish to hm, let me start here.
And I will erase.
[NOISE] First cue point.
command 1.
Sounds good.
Second cue point.
And you can even set cue points while the
record is playing if you are very good.
Try that.
Oh, sick is it not?
And with cue points you can always use the
fader trick.
Once again, Meow Meow scratch,
teaching you serato, how to DJ more, thank
you very much.
Back to sword fighting.