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Skratch Lessons: Hardware Setup

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All right.
We have a special guest, here in the
This guy has been doing, digital mixing
and scratching for over 2000 years.
Can you believe it?
Very privileged to introduce my next
professor here.
DJ Catdog MeowMix.
>> Thank you, and it is Meow Meow Scratch
Bird Kill.
>> Oh, sorry.
>> Komen.
>> So how do we set up surato?
>> Very good question, now, first,
let us talk about how we set up normal
turn tables.
Normal turntables, you have turntable one,
turntable two correct?
>> Right.
>> All right.
And how do you usually do it?
>> Line one of, actually phono one and
phono two.
>> Very good.
You have learned very well already my son.
>> Thank you, thank you.
>> Actually you know what?
>> Yes.
>> My great uncle's cat's dog's
whisperer's, son was one of your hamsters.
>> Ghamsters?
>> Ghamsters.
>> Now that's cool.
>> All right.
>> Awesome.
>> Just so you know.
>> Do they use a Ghamster switch?
>> Yes we do.
>> Nice.
>> Ghamster switch.
This is in the future, of course.
>> Oh, yeah, you're from the future, but
you started doing this 2,000 years ago.
>> Correct, because I brought the
technology back from
the future, and now I'm.
>> Get the technology.
>> Now I'm getting paid.
>> Now you're getting gpaid.
>> Anyway, so yes, you are correct.
>> All right.
>> However when we have serrato What you
need is this box.
>> Yes.
We scratch a lot.
How much does this cost nowadays?
>> It depends.
Some places 800.
Some places 1000.
>> Wow.
>> Some place 20 bags of cat litter.
>> And how bout in the future, how much do
they cost?
>> In the future, 200 bags of cat litter.
>> How bout in the past?
>> In the past, mm very good question.
Usually like 20 rubles.
Oh, and that's you still couldn't afford
it then.
>> Could not afford it.
>> Good
>> However, two or
three gerbils I would be happy.
>> Oh whoa.
One just fell out right now.
>> All right, so how do we hook this up?
>> Okay, so now, instead of, mixer input
>> Yes.
>> We will say this is turntable one, this
is turntable two.
Left, right.
>> Got it.
>> Turntable one, easy.
Input one.
Red, white.
>> Uh-huh.
>> Very important.
>> Very easy.
>> Normally red, white makes no difference
on mixer.
>> Oh, okay.
However, red white makes big difference on
Serato box.
>> Mm.
>> If you put backwards, record play
>> Does it really play backwards?
>> It plays backwards.
You try one day and you see, if record.
>> Wow.
>> Playing backwards,
then you know you don't know color.
So now we have, turn table two.
>> Mm-hm.
>> Where do you think that goes?
>> Right there.
>> Very good.
>> Thank you.
>> So now we have hooked in, turn tables
into serato box.
>> How about the ground wire, would you
put the ground wire?
>> Ground wire still goes where it isn't
>> Isn't mixing okay.
>> And actually, very important to use
ground wire.
>> Mm-hm.
>> Many people think.
Oh just because it's digital, ground wire
not count?
>> Right.
>> Ground wire still count.
>> Okay.
>> Okay?
>> But what about these other things here?
These outputs things?
What are, what is up with that?
>> We are going to that.
>> Okay.
>> So, now we need to hook in-to mixer.
>> Oh.
>> So to hook into mixer, we use line,
into line.
>> Line into line.
>> Or rine into rine.
>> Whichever way you like to understand.
>> Rine into rine.
>> Rine into rine.
So this is line one.
Red, white.
And on mixer, we go into where?
>> Line.
Line one.
>> Line one.
Line one.
We make look nice later.
>> Okay.
>> So, line two what do you think?
>> Line three.
>> Line three?
Where, where do you see that?
>> Cuz am I right or wrong?
>> You are wrong.
>> Oh see.
>> There is no line three.
>> Pay attention.
Line two then.
In the future there is line six, seven,
eight, nine.
>> Oh wow.
>> But no line three.
>> Oh.
Good, good no threes.
>> No threes.
No threes in the future.
We only count one, two, four, eight, ten.
>> Nice.
>> Line two, red white into, line two.
>> Line two, right.
And so they would switch this here, on the
mixer lines.
>> Yes.
>> Two lines.
>> For lines, two lines.
Now, that is very easy Serato setup.
>> What is this through thing here?
These throughs?
This thing.
>> Also a very good question.
So now, if you're using Serato, do you
like to scratch?
>> Yes, I like to scratch.
>> Well I like to scratch too.
You know, I like to scratch my tail and to
scratch my butt.
>> Yes, yes.
>> Cuz I'm a cat.
Cat's scratch all the time.
>> Mm-hm, that's good.
>> All right, so when we're using Serato,
we use what's called digital vinyl.
Digital vinyl, is special vinyl made for
programs like Serato.
And other digital programs.
What it does is, it plays a signal that
the Serato box hears, and
it turns onto the computer.
Tells computer what to do to mp3.
>> Oh wow.
>> You play digital forward, mp3 play
>> Mp3 play forward?
>> Mp3 go forward.
>> I like that.
It good.
Very fun.
>> Mp3 play backward.
Now if you want to scratch the regular
vinyl [SOUND]
You cannot.
Do you know why?
>> Because it's on the line.
>> Correct, if I go to phono you still
cannot, why not?
>> Oh, why not?
>> Because there's nothing in phono.
>> Oh.
>> So, this is what we do.
We take another,
chord and through.
>> Through one and go to the phono one.
>> Correct.
>> Wow.
>> So we will use only 914 now for
>> So if I wanted to.
>> Wow!
>> If I was on turn table one mixing, with
It would be online.
I would be using the alto digital vinyl
>> Mm-hm.
>> Then I wish to bust my scratch on.
Take our digital vinyl.
Put on Skratchy Seal,
who is also favorite uncle of mine, and I
switch it back to phono.
>> Wow.
>> And now I can use both regular vinyl or
digital vinyl.
Digital vinyl.
>> Digital vinyl.
>> Nice.
>> That is the way we say in the future.
Stop making fun of me.
>> Why can't you just scratch with the vi,
the digital?
Is there a difference in the sound?
>> Yes there is.
When you scratch with digital, it will be
a tone sound.
Many DJs many famous DJs use tone
>> Mm-hm.
>> Very rare.
>> Like who?
>> You did.
>> I did?
>> You did.
>> What's another DJ that's very famous
for this?
>> Eh.
DJ Long Johns.
>> Long Johns, cool.
>> Long Johns.
>> He's not related to
Eight Ball by any chance?
>> Eight ball?
>> Have you heard of him?
>> No, who is Eight Ball?
>> Eight Ball is a guy who scratches with
tones very good.
>> What did he do?
>> He scratches with tones very good.
>> Oh.
He's for real?
>> Yes.
>> He's legend.
>> Is he really?
>> Well legend as in, we not believe in
>> Oh, well he's godlike.
>> It's like big, it's like big.
>> More godlike than you.
>> No, it's like bigfoot.
Like we do, is it eight ball?
I think I saw eight ball video.
Oh no such thing.
>> Mm-hm.
>> You know and it's all YouTube.
>> Oh, okay.
>> Cuz we think it's edit.
>> Okay.
So anyway.
Yes digital vinyl will sound like tone if
you put it on phono.
>> Okay let's hear that.
Well, we will hook it up first to a
I will get to that later.
>> Oh okay okay sorry.
>> We're still not finished.
>> Oh my bad.
>> One more thing, so now, we have, box.
>> You have a box.
>> We have box.
>> Okay.
>> You know I am cat.
>> I thought you had box.
>> You know, pussy cat have box, we're
>> You have both of those.
>> Yes.
We have box now we have USB cable, USB
>> Hm.
What does USB stand for?
You know very good question?
I don't know.
I don't care!
You know what I care?
That this cable go to computer.
>> Right, right, right.
USB cable from Serato box.
>> Uh-huh.
>> And USB cable will go to USB input on
your computer.
>> Oh nice, nice.
I'll do that for you.
Any of these?
>> Any one.
>> Or this one here.
>> That one.
>> It says USB.
>> You suck box.
>> If that is what you wish then
>> Yes.
>> And now.
>> Yes.
Go ahead. your mom. >> Serato hardware is
>> Oh nice!
[APPLAUSE] That's all you have to do?
>> That's all you have to do, to hook up
>> Thank you.
>> Okay?
>> Professor Meow Meow Scratch.