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Skratch Lessons: Looping

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All right.
Now, we got a special lesson on looping on
Check it out.
Back from his intergalactic tour from Mars
and Venus.
Just got yesterday on, from Mercury DJ
Meow Meow Scratch.
>> Hello again.
Today I will teach you.
The very, very basic on looping.
Looping is very important,
because many times you do not have
internet or intros for clubs.
Sometimes you need a filler.
Sometimes you need to simply speak your
Use the intro.
Use the loops.
Now when we're using Serato scratch, we
simply find this pattern we wish to loop.
First I will show you the automatic
looping function, very easy.
I wish to start loop there.
[NOISE] So now, when we go to the
Look at the screen.
In here, here, here, here, and even over
One, two, three, four, ich, ni, yon,
These are the beats.
These are how many counts you will loop.
If you loop for one count.
You only loop for one count.
Here will be example.
[SOUND] Here is my start point, I simply
hit one.
Now listen
Do you understand, hi.
Now we try two.
That would be two counts.
Four count loop.
Not good enough yet.
Standard time is eight count loop.
Eight count loop is very
universal, very useful.
We also have 16.
The green
highlight tells you how much of your song
you are looping.
You can use any number for looping.
You can also use loops for effects.
For instance, when I'm mixing sometimes I
like to use.
You want half loop for fade out.
Another way to loop,
is through manual loops.
Manual loops are for the more experienced
Because we all know how to mix before we
learn to scratch.
Let us find a place for manual looping
Right there.
So, now, I do this.
In, this is where I wish to start looping.
As you can see, the green highlight on the
screen, say, I am reborn, I listen.
Where I wish to end I push out.
And now it is automatically looping again.
You can use this for many other uses.
For instance if you have to go to the
bathroom, loop instrumental.
If there is a song without an intro, loop
instrumental part.
Songs you wish to acapella with, dope
beat, loop instrumental part.
Limitless possibilities.
Again, try on your own.
This is Meow Meow Scratch, and now I am
off to corner.