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Skratch Lessons: Turntable Setup

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Another thing is the microphone is,uh,
right here.
You got your volume right here.
Another, a trick with, having a microphone
is your headphones.
If you have a mic, for some reason the
headphones are microphones.
You stick the mic headphone in here.
Where is that mic plugin?
There you go.
Hopefully, maybe I can talk.
Hello, hello.
Can you hear me in here?
>> Yeah, yeah, yeah.
>> So, if you don't have a microphone, you
can use the headphones.
You know?
Your mom's here to pick you up,
license plate 5-R-7.
Anybody in the audience, RR7XR37,
your mom's here to pick you up outside in
a brown stationwagon.
Oh, let's see.
All right.
So, that's another tip.
Headphones are microphones.
What else is there?
Oh, also the, you'll notice the turn
tables are sideways.
The reason for this is cause us
we like to juggle and have all our turn
tables very close.
Let's say if it was the normal way, it
would be setup like this.
And that's really far away we'd have to
jump over the needle.
It's kind of like faraway.
So this, this makes it a lot easier.
You go like that,
and oh, this is another thing right here.
You have this wire, have this actual wire.
Say, if you want to play, your iPod or
CDs, like say you have a mix on your iPod.
I'm going to scratch to that.
You put the wire in your iPod and put in
the line switch right there.
So, if you got extra music, like say if
you're doing a party and
they're like hey do you have.
I don't know like a bar mitzvah song or
You know, you're doing something.
And then, it's like well I don't.
I don't have it.
Do you?
Does anyone have it on their iPod here?
They're like oh, I have it!
And, you know, then they can plug their
stuff right in there.
So, I have that extra wire handy.
That extra wire would look like this on
the other side.
Got this and your line and you could play
whatever anyone else has in the house.
Some, some DJs might come over and, like,
yeah, I got some beats, man, let's scratch
this stuff.
That is a very important wire right there.
What else is there?
Now, if you don't have,
like, say, a scratch record, like Scratch
Off Seals superseal record.
You gonna have to look for records.
Some, some record stores have a section
for DJs, for scratchers or
turn tablist, beat records with sound
effects on them.
You can go online, on Ebay and
just type in scratch record or whatever,
sound effects records.
I mean if you're really creative, you can
use any record and,
and scratch any sound and make, make
something out of that, out of that sound.
I know a lot of great DJs I knew back in
the days.
They, we didn't have scratch records back
then and
a lot of people would just scratch
whatever sounds on the record.
Like, say, if there's an MC talking in the
beginning of the of,
of his song or whatever and
you can scratch that and anything can be
an instrument on the turntables.
It's the beauty of scratching on vinyl or
just scratching period.
It's the, anything can be an instrument.
You can scratch panels.
You can scratch chickens, whatever.
You can scratch bass guitar.
Scratch anything and everything, can go
backwards and forwards.
You know, that's a very, unique thing
about, being a turntablist.
What else is there?
>> Wax, wax paper.
>> Oh, wax paper, yeah.
So, once again let me touch on these slip
mats and stuff.
Back in th e days, we didn't have these
butter rugs, or, or slip mats.
We would have to cut out wax paper, or cut
out some, some records come with a sleeve,
and you'd cut out the sleeve, and you
would stick it on here.
Some people, I think one time I even cut
out my shirt, one time,
and, and I I put it on the turn table.
I still wore the shirt too with a hole in
Naw, but really.
It's all kind of things you can do if you
don't have these butter rugs available.
Some people don't want to use this.
They want a little bit grip on their,
scratch a little pull on it.
Need to have it that way as well.
It's getting more.
It's really better for the cuts to get the
releases really clean.
If you don't have this.
But, you know, of course, if you're really
then you can do it with these on this.
This enables you to do 90% better
scratches anyway.
When you get a nice kinda flow in there,
kinda like a race car driver,
some of the novices might wanna just kinda
like more easy to handle.
But, the experts can have it like, super
glide, and
they can control the glide, and all that.
And, and that's what we have here.
This is for that extra glide.
You know?
Ice skating on the turntables.
>> What do you think Mitch?
Anything else he's missed?
>> W, w, wait.
>> No, go ahead.
Go ahead.
>> Yeah.
I just want you to do
a little segment on needles.
If they don't have this very expensive,
exclusive needle that you've got going
And also with faders.
Do you wanna talk at all about different
>> Yeah, and, and maybe just the whole
notion of.
how, how important is it to have some
super-expensive, and can people start with
something a little less expensive.
>> Mm-hm.
>> And, you know, how,
when you're starting out, so you remember,
I remember the day when I didn't have a
lot of money, so I had to.
People went into that.
[INAUDIBLE] Just like I know the deals at
Radio Shack.
And like also.
>> morbid could you look in there and find
some needles that are,
that are different from these.
Hopefully, there are some there.
>> Just slow it down a little bit.
>> Yeah, and why it'd have a good reverse
versus having a not so good one.
>> Mm-hm. Mm-hm. >> I'm sorry.
[SOUND] I didn't meet you when
you came in.
I apologize [CROSSTALK].
>> How's the tape pulling out, Pop.
>> We got 10 minutes, 13 minutes.
>> [CROSSTALK] Great, okay.
>> Okay.
>> I just need to.
Like man.
Balls in your face.
>> I think that's it for the beginner.
Isn't it pretty much?
>> Oh, here it is.
>> Well, there is something.
He's looking for a sure deal.
Pretty much, like, you know.
Well, he's looking for one that you know,
started like a long time ago.
Really assembled.
We don't recommend people get that
But, they could.
There's only two types.
One that's already built, and one that you
have to build.
So, it's up to the person.
You know, it's kind of.
Because we, we actually started the whole
rebuilding of the building and then all of
a sudden we design this new one.
So, we kind of want to get away from
building of the needle.
But, we can still.
>> [CROSSTALK] What do you wanna do, Q?
>> I think just mention it.
I mean, if you wanna go through the
process of building one of these,
you know, it has all the wires in it.
[CROSSTALK] Yeah, yeah, yeah.
[CROSSTALK] I'm not gonna build this.
I'm gonna say, this is you, but if you
wanna put this together, then yeah.
See that, then.
>> You have ten minutes, or be with
>> Yeah, man.
>> And no, sharing of needles.
>> [LAUGH]
>> But, the rubbers, we can share.
>> I use it five times.
Are we ready?
>> Yeah.
>> Okay.
So, another way, if you don't want to,
like, alright this needle is really easy
to put together for a phone needle.
Bam, it's done and you are ready to go.
>> Start over.
Start over, sorry.
>> All right.
These are fun needles and really easy to
put together, like I said,
just stick that on right there.
Throw it in, and you're ready to go.
Another way, option is, this is a great,
Sure's M47s.
These, you have to put together, though.
See the little wires there?
You see those wires in there?
You see the little wires in there.
Red, green, blue, white.
You stick those in there and you've got to
connect all that.
Follow the colors, and you stick all the
wires in there,
and you screw the screws in here.
You put it all in together.
I don't know if you can see all that.
It's really, sure should come out with one
that's already built.
See all the screws in there?
You screw all that together.
See the top, we usually put it in the
Some people wanna put it in the front, but
I put it in the back to make it more, less
And, that's that version.
You know, there's all types of, of needles
that you can build and stuff.
But the [INAUDIBLE] really cool, cuz it's
Ready to go.
[NOISE] Another thing [NOISE] is the fader
[NOISE], if you're scratching a lot.
You might want to get this, right here.
This is control contact cleaner lubricant,
from Radio Shack.
And, just spray that in there [NOISE],
spray it in here [NOISE].
And, you get a Kleenex and you wipe it
I don't have a Kleenex right now, so
I'll be like a little kid and hope my mom
doesn't see me do this.
Clean that up right there.
And, you have a really, really smooth
Now, there's this other thing.
Wanna see?
Hear this clicking?
[NOISE] Right?
Some people open up the mixer and stick
like little, soft things in there.
Like like this rubber thing.
You wanna stick this rubber in there ya
know, condoms for mixers.
Don't share rubbers, unless you use it ten
times in a row Stick it in
your album You know, smash it in there so
you can have it for memories.
Hopefully, the page will still open.
So, you get this rubber thing outta here.
And, stick that right in the [SOUND] in
the fader.
Let's put that in here.
I don't know if you can see.
I'll put it right here.
Can you zoom into that little thing right
You guys see that?
Okay, then we stick that.
That would go on the left, the left site.
If you have one on the right side,
then you would turn it this way and put it
in the end of the theater.
The best way to do it is, I would get
a little pin and stick that in there and
then poke that guy right in there.
Cuz sometimes, it'll go in, but it'll tilt
to the side.
It'll go this way or whatever, so you
gotta get a pin and get it just right and
then move that fader right in there and
push it to the end.
Let's see.
Let's put that in there right now.
Let's see.
Do I have a pin here?
I don't have a pin here, so let's just
stick that, be very, very careful.
Keep it straight.
Let's see.
And, like I said,
you should have used the pin.
All right.
So, make sure you follow all the rules of
what I'm doing here in the correct way,
cuz you might mess it up just like I did
right now.
That is an example of following
If you don't follow directions right.
It'll get lodged in there the wrong way.
>> What do you need, a pen or-
>> A pin.
You got a pin?
>> I think I have tweezers but.
>> Pin.
>> Tweezers?
>> Pin.
>> Should I get a pin?
>> How many minutes do we have?
>> Or is that good enough.
>> You got seven minutes.
Way to go for it though, Q.
>> Yeah.
>> Good.
I, I stole your condom joke, sorry about
>> That was [SOUND] Hopefully, the page
will still open.
>> I just imagined it, I was like, hm,
I don't think that would open.
>> Six minutes.
>> Oh, yeah, here we go.
>> Six minutes.
>> We got some [CROSSTALK].
>> Okay.
>> Okay.
Let's close the doors.
>> Get that door.
>> Redo that?
Okay, and we are back.
You guys ready?
>> Yeah.
>> Okay.
All right.
We're back.
I got this back up, because I didn't
follow instructions.
So, you get this nail, kinda just stick
that in there the right way.
Play with it a little bit, go like.
There it goes, now it's in there exactly
perfect, and
you just kinda slide it back in there.
Nice little, kinda soft, feels like a
trumpet, so you don't get that,
you know, this.
[SOUND] You know, you wake up the baby
with that one.
This is cool right here.
That's soft So, I think we're about ready
to scratch.
This is a, that's that's pretty much it.
You know.
And, if you're on, on tour, or, or if
you're, if you're doing shows and
stuff and they may have this mixer.
It's nice to have a little.
Have much of those those rubbers and
If you know what I mean.
All right.