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Skratch Lessons: Beat Juggling with Shortkut

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What's up QSU students?
We have, as a professor today, one of the
world champs here,
DJ Shortkut, king of juggling.
You guys already know what's up with this
If you don't know, then you will be
treated to a great lesson, and learning
experience from one of the masters of
juggling, DJ Shortkut, so check him out.
We're gonna start with B Juggling,
otherwise known as the funk.
What is B Juggling?
It's basically live manual remixing, right
in front of your eyes,
you know, you're doing your.
Creating a new composition of music,
with two existing records that have music
on it already.
For those of you who don't know, it
originated in New York.
It was surround, around the break-beat.
Developed by Kool Herc, and advanced by
grandmaster flash.
And then later on developed, and.
Advanced by people at the X-Men.
Notably, Steve D, Rob Swift, Sinister, all
those guys.
So the first step in beat drilling is to
mark your records.
You basically wanna mark the parts that
you wanna use on the records,.
And we have an unmarked record here, and
hail to the president.
>> What's up, ya hear.
What are ya's doing?
>> I just like to start out on a kick.
Which is right there.
Now I like to mark my records.
At 12 o' clock.
Basically you can just use a sticker.
You can mark it in with a marker, but it's
up to you.
It's your preference.
I usually start at 12 o' clock.
Some people like to start at the needle,
but I like to start at 12 o' clock.
The purpose of the marker, is to know your
spot, where you are on the record.
For me like I said I like to start off at
12 o'clock.
So whenever you start the record actual
clock where you marked it,
where the kick is, for me.
If I rewind it
back to 12 o'clock it'll right back at the
sometimes when you do beat juggling you
don't, you don't use headphones.
You'll just know, that it'll always be
Now that we've marked out records where we
want it at 12 o'clock,
that's where the kick starts and I was
able to mark the other record as well.
We're trying to create a consistent loop,
that's what b juggling,
you're juggling the records back and
forth, juggling the beats back and forth.
Keeping it in a consistent loop, just like
if you were a sampler, or
just doing it live.
Notice that when I do the juggle back and
forth, I'm keeping it, I'm going back to
12 o'clock.
Where the, where the kick starts.
Where the one starts.
And that's how, I'm able to keep a
consistent loop.
Now in practice you can shorten it
half time.
12 o'clock.
12 o'clock.
And now, while juggling the records back
and forth, you can add a little bit of
your own flavor to it.
Just, other than just going back and
forth, with the record,
you can do little scratches in between.
Can you keep that consistent?
Kick down the flow as you're going back
and forth,
with that one little segment right there.
Just add a little bit of your flavor.
It doesn't matter.
As long as what's most important is
keeping that beat on beat and
definitely hold, you know, the head nod
definitely helps out as well.
A big part of beat juggling is the
You're using basically different parts of
the record, but kinda like remixing it.
Like if you were, as if you were using a
You would chop up the kick and you chop
the snare separate.
Same things you do that, with the
I'll have a kick on this side, and I'll
have the snare.
On this side.
So here's a kick and a snare.
I'll piece it together going back
and forth.
And there's a lot of different ways to do
There's a lot of different ways you can
break that, flip it,
add little scratches here and there