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>> Hey yo,
man, the party's about to start in like,
five minutes, man.
We gotta get this crackling, man.
What's up?
>> What's going on man?
You want, you want me to show you how this
is done?
>> Yeah man, hurry up man.
>> All right check it.
>> I've got an invisible watch that's
saying five minutes.
>> I've got a couple turntables.
I've got my mixer.
I got my fresh vinyl controllers.
I'm gonna show you real quick how you use
tractor here.
Obviously you put the record down on the
turntable put the needle down.
You can see that instantly right here in
the software,
I got this little marker thing moving
around in circles.
I go through my list find the track that I
wanna play.
It's pretty simple.
Once you pick the track that you wanna
play, you just grab that track.
Drag it up into either the left deck or
the right deck, depending on which one you
wanna play with.
Right now, I'm gonna go with this one.
You'll see instantly.
[SOUND] I got some sound now.
Now, if I wanna get a beat.
Let's say I got a list here of my tracks.
And I'm looking for a specific track.
Up here on my left I got a little search
As I start typing in letters into the
search field it's going to start narrowing
down my search.
So I'm going to start looking for this
track called Peyote.
If I hit P it's going to lower down all
the tracks with only the letter P in it.
>> P.
>> E.
There you go,
now I've got all tracks with E in it.
And then Y, there you go, there's my
Grab that cut.
Drop it on the deck.
And now I gotta cut to play on this side.
Just like that.
>> Hey.
>> Now check it.
I got this track playing.
It's only a few seconds long.
So let's say that I want, I want, I want
this track to loop so
it continues to play nonstop.
I'm going to go ahead and just drop a
quick eight beat loop in it by hitting
the number eight button right here in the
software interface, right here.
Instantly without having to touch anything
else, you've got a perfect loop going.
I want to make that loop smaller now,
I can hit four, and two, one.
Get real crazy with it.
There you go.
Now that I got a track on my left and
you can start getting fresh with it.
We also got a bunch of other crazy stuff.
Like for instance, if you're not the type
of DJ who wants to just sit there and
touch the computer all the time picking
we can do something where we can just stop
the record.
Pick the needle up.
Flip the record over to the other side.
Drop the needle down.
And instantly it's gonna load the next
track on my playlist just like that
every single time.
No matter what.
So, I can go ahead and continuously just
go through tracks.
Play whatever I want,
whenever I want without even having to
touch the turntable.