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What's up everyone?
My name is Mo, also known as DrumCell.
Today I'm gonna be showing you guys some
stuff about Traktor.
We're gonna briefly go about
showing you how to hook up the audio a DJ
box to your turn tables.
>> Hey, so you the sound man?
>> I'm the sound man.
>> Hey what's up man, I'm pdp man, I'm
doing a show man.
I need to hook up the mic and stuff.
Hey, is this the mixer?
>> Yeah.
>> How we hook this up.
How we hook this up.
>> We're goin to do this up right now,
I'm gonna show you guys how you set this
[SOUND] How you get it going.
>> Yeah, some of us flow.
>> When you get tracker, you obviously get
this nifty audio eight box.
Dope sound card, 24-bit, 96 k.
It's got everything you could possibly
need to rock a show.
Sound really good in audio quality.
>> Huh, that's awesome man.
>> It's also a universal sound card, man.
You can actually use it to produce beats
with, make tracks.
>> I got a beat right here man.
>> Oh.
So check it.
I’m going to show you guys something.
One else you buy tractor, you’re going to
get a pair of cables.
These are called multicord cables, right
>> Yeah, yeah.
I like cable.
>> Yeah, yeah, yeah.
>> So the multicord cables, we got two
sides, we got a side that’s got two sides
pairs of RCAs and we’ve got a side that
has three pairs of RCAs.
All right, so
I'm gonna show you guys with one cable
that's got the two pairs of RCA's.
We've got four different colors, we got
black we got red, we've got white,
we got yellow.
It's pretty easy when you look on the back
of the box here,
you can see that the inputs on the box are
color coded as well.
We've got black we've got white we've got
red the yellow.
So as simple as this.
Red goes to red.
Black goes to black.
White goes to white.
Yellow goes to yellow, just like that.
So we got one side of the cable already
hooked up to the box, and
that's already set to go.
[SOUND] Now, you're gonna see on the other
side of the box right here
[SOUND] We've got three pairs of RCAs
And notice that two of them are male RCAs
and one of them is a female RCA.
Now, we're gonna start off using the
female RCA, okay?
And what we're gonna do with that,
is we're gonna take the RCA jack out of
the turntable.
This is the RCA jack from the turntable,
that's gonna plug into the female RCA's
just like that.
Just like you'd hook it up into your
Now that it's hooked you can see that it's
going into this middle here, and
we got split to two different RCA's.
On both RCA cables they're labeled, one of
them's labeled mixer turn table CD,
and the other one's labelled mixer
Turn table CD's gonna go into the phono
input of the mixer.
Just like your turn table would plug into.
And the other one that's labelled mixer
is gonna go into the line input of the
exact same channel.
So both of them are going to channel one
of the mixer, like that.
And now, we've got the left turn table
hooked up.
And do that to the other turntable the
same thing.
We've got the second set of cable's that
comes with it, and
you do that exact same thing.
Simple as this, white to white, black to
black, red to red, yellow to yellow.
All right.
Gonna get the other side of the cable.
Once again, we've got three RCAs, one
female, two males.
Turntable goes into the female, just like
we're going to the mixer.
And the other two, once again, are labeled
line mic, I'm sorry,
mixer line input and mixer turnt-,
or turntable CD.
So the line in goes into the line in
inputs, and
turntable CD goes into the phono inputs of
channel two on the mixer.
Now we've got the audio eight, the
turntables all hooked up to the mixer, and
it's ready to go.
Now, what's cool, is you'll notice in the
middle of the cable,
of both cables we've got these sort of
kind of like XLR type things.
These things are pretty cool, so if you
wanna travel,
you wanna get on the go, there's easy to
disconnect, bam, bam.
And your audio a box is already
disconnected from the turntable, and
it's already ready to go, easy to travel
So that's how we hook up the Audio a DJ,
two turntables and to the mixer.
>> I was just trying to rap man.
That's crazy.
>> Hey man, you're gonna get to it.
>> All right man, what else we gotta do?
I wanna rap.
So, next move after that, is we're gonna
go ahead and hook up the USB cable from
your computer to the audio a box.
We're gonna fire up the software, and
we're gonna get rocking with this, make
some cuts, get some scratches going down.
>> Yeah man, because I got this new album
coming out, you know what I'm saying?
Check out, all
Get downloaded on there man.
I'm gonna give you a free copy though,
because you showed me how to do this man.
>> Hell, yeah.