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Skratch Lessons: The Main Juggle

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now that we came up with the first part of
the juggle, the intro to the build up,
we're gonna come to the the main part, the
body of the juggle.
I'll be using this much of the record.
I'm gonna pretty much try to utilize
everything right there.
Everything from the head note.
To the kick snare.
And all those other little,
small little high hats and all that stuff.
I'm gonna use, try to use all that within
And from there you can do a lot of
other things.
You'll see within this little.
Sequence, I'll be doing scratches within
the juggle, over one parts.
So you can see from that little amount of
time, I try to use the head note,
the kick snare and all that, all the even
the, the smallest little sounds.
From the head, from the high hats and
the snares and then the, yeah, man there,
I mean there's so many things you can do
with that, but that's what I came up with
for that sequence.
So what I did after that is-
where I threw in the little scratch.
>> Whoo!
There’s another snare there I saw.
>> Mm-hm.
>> Right, right after that, right?
>> You see that?
>> [INAUDIBLE] How far is that?
So while I’m doing that
scratch on that side, the snare falls
right there falls right there.
>> This is a dope record, man.
>> After doing the scratch,
the snare falls right where I want it to
make it, to make it full, it fills,
you know, it fills itself, it fills itself
And I'm doing the same thing again.
I'm doubling up the the snares.
I just repeated again.
Only thing was that little scratch in
I'm banging in.
We're gonna do different,
different variation of that.
What I mean?
>> Sometimes right here, I'll do the baby.
[NOISE] And I'll do the, I'll do a little
>> Hm, that would sell.
So those are, it goes [NOISE] bo-tat.
>> So that's, instead doing a baby, you
could that rewind thing you did right
there, to hide that you're bringing this
one back.
>> Yeah, yeah.
>> Let's do that again right there, that
>> Without, with no technique, that's.
So what is this now?
Let's play that.
So you got the bass, the snare.
>> Snare.
Yeah, perfect.
>> Yeah, that's crazy.
Then right here, right here.
that's crazy, you can do a lot of stuff
with that.
That's like if you know how to do two
tears forward and
two tears back that you can do all kinds
of stuff with that.
>> That's one of them, variation.
Another one I do.
>> Mm-hm.
So there two different ways.
[NOISE] Then the full way.
Man what I want to know is-
What tempo is this record.
>> What tempo is this record?
>> Yeah.
>> This is really at.
>> What is the tempo, the bpms, the
>> I want to say it's like about 98.
>> 98 because you notice this hit note
starts here.
All the way over here like 360, right?
Is one revolution.
>> Yeah.
>> It will be snare number four.
Not number four but it will be a four.
One, two, three, four.
So that's right there.
>> Yeah.
>> Exactly one revolution.
that is a dope record, what is that 98.
98 bpm.
>> About 98.
I'm gonna look for
a lot of records like that, that to
That is so tight.
Let's see what else is on here.
You've got one of these.
>> Cool.
We got that.
>> What else you got?
>> [MUSIC]
We got this.
There's one of those.
I think it's all in here man.
>> Yeah.
>> This is, you chose a perfect record to
juggle man.
That is-
>> You know-
>> Amazing.
>> You know, that's what I was saying
mantr mantronics was one of the dope cur,
Curtis Mantronics was one of the sickest
producers cuz if you listen to any of
the mantronics albums, it's a give away
right here.
If you listen to any of the mega mixes.
>> Uh-huh.
>> That's like a all a bow breaker almost.
>> Wow.
I'm definitely I'm
gonna go check that out right now, did I
tell you that right now?
>> O, yeah.
>> That's good man, ay, you know it comes
back to you, bro.
>> For Sure.
>> More power to you, Meford.
Showing us that.
That's to make the world put in a lot
better place man.
Damn that was tight dude!
>> Word up man.
>> [SOUND]
>> That's how it goes.
>> Mm-hm.
That's the king right there man.