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Skratch Lessons: The Breakdown Part 2: Variations

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after breaking down I guess that one part
of the juggle.
Let's do it one more time.
That whole part right there.
Now you come to the what do you call this
The breakdown?
>> It'd be like part two I guess.
>> Part two, yeah part two.
I mean both juggles definitely back in the
day especially had,
had that kind of that breakdown, that kind
of swing.
>> Oh yeah, you're gonna break it down.
>> Yeah, so here's a, here's a breakdown
Right there already.
I'm slowing it down cutting the time in
So right there.
I'll break it down and I'll tryna find
I'm tryna go find different parts of the
Right here, I,
I rewind the record, wow man, watch,
[NOISE] okay.
So it starts right here, the head note,
I'm rewinding it.
One, two, three.
Three revolutions back, to go into the
second part of the juggle.
Right there is.
Tell that part.
>> Okay, right there.
He just broke it down.
To a slower tempo.
How did you get into that slow tempo from
where, where you were?
How do you make it go slower?
>> Well yeah.
I mean, you know, from, from what, from
the, the, the pace at how the juggle was
before I will just half time it, you know?
And I try to make a different from, a
totally different sounding from what that
whole part, that last part of the juggle
And like, right here there's no snares or
I go, I use, I use this, this head note.
And luckily,
this head note right here echoes out.
So, I kind of fill it in where.
I just transformed it, little transforms,
made it sound like there was a full like,
a full measure right there, I guess.
You know what I'm saying like.
And that's, that's all piecing.
Like a whole puzzle right there so head
Head note.
And use the drum a trick snare as a fill
One more time.
then I'll incorporate the scratch or the
little transformer.
>> So you're not eating a snare over there
on the four?
>> No.
>> Wow.
You don't have to do that, huh?
>> There's only one snare in there on the
two, right?
>> Oh, there's some.
Right there, what is that?
Like a little off beat six [INAUDIBLE]
>> Over here I'll add a little trap.
>> That was the four.
>> I might add that and the dribble as a,
as a.
The four,
>> That's the four or the eight.
>> And what that is too it's, it's a.
>> What?
>> Was the crowd.
>> Is this the forward crap?
>> Yeah.
>> Oh, you hitting,
you using the drum too.
>> I'm.
And I'm rewinding it back to the head note
>> That's crazy.
>> Slow parts, like I said, you utilize,
in juggles, you utilize everything, every
little part that you can kinda mess with.
I'm still using that one main part.
But then I rewind it back to like
the original part of the juggle the, the
whole build up part.
The, the high hat, the echo on this.
I'm using the echoes to my advantage as,
you know,
as the [INAUDIBLE] one hard head note.
So turn up.
Table's out, so.
Pull there.
Know what I'm saying?
>> Mm-hm, that was [INAUDIBLE] right