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Skratch Lessons: innoFADER Part 3

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>> Okay.
So now we're all set to put it back.
>> Let's do it, yeah.
>> Yeah, let's do it.
>> All right.
So let's see where, where's those screws
>> Make sure we got the right screws here.
>> It's the mini ones, right?
>> This should work.
[CROSSTALK] All this, all the mini ones
>> All right so.
>> Okay there we go.
>> Put this back here.
>> Oh, we got the other line down there.
>> I remember one time in Spain I did a
show and
my fader broke in the middle of the show.
>> Oh geez.
>> And I had a fader in my bag,
and then I just changed my fader right in
the middle of my set.
>> Uh-huh.
>> And the promoter
was looking at me like are you crazy?
>> [LAUGH]
You think that's crazy, I've,
I've tried slobaphase a show.
>> You did?
>> Yeah.
>> Did it work?
>> It worked.
>> Yeah.
>> But that's just.
>> But you got to be really quick right.
>> You got to be quick, because all those
people would be like,
what are you doing there?
>> What the hell is he doing there?
>> We got stuff to do.
>> Get a mixer next time, the right kind.
Yeah, but, yeah faders can sometimes I'll
bring a, a mixer on tour and
then when I get to the show the plane
rattles the mixer so
much that the fader would be loose.
>> Oh, wow.
>> And you gotta open up the whole thing.
>> Uh-huh.
>> And all that.
>> So make sure you tighten it before you
go on tour
I think a rain mixer's probably the most
how do you call it?
>> Durable.
>> Durable, yeah, for taken out on.
>> I'm the one who's supposed to forget
English when I'm away from the US.
[LAUGH] All right.
I like your custom.
>> Yeah this is a Damon Soule.
I got one more of these I'll prolly
auction off yet.
>> Oh.
>> Yeah we're opening up this art gallery
in the bay pretty soon.
I think we're gonna call it turntable toy
>> Wow.
>> Yeah Damon Soule, he did the
Breaktionary Covers.
>> So how many DJs would actually wanna
do, this kind of customization?
>> There's this one company called
>> Okay.
>> And
you can send them your logo and they'll
make see how they do this whole thing?
>> Oh, where, where are they?
>> They are in France.
>> Oh wow.
>> Yeah,
>> Wow, that's cool.
>> I'm following them on my Twitter, see
what's new-
>> Oh, okay.
>> With their faceplates.
Now, what, do you just want to that like
with the fader caps?
Like wanna, customize.
>> Oh yeah, sure, sure.
Like, put a little, do a logo.
I would love that.
>> Hm.
>> It would look nice.
Hey we could do that for our, gallery.
We can have.
>> Okay.
>> Something like that.
What do you think Richie?
>> Yeah.
>> Yeah.
>> Every DJ says.
Now, can I talk?
I mean is going to be live here or is it
going to be fast forwarding.
>> Yeah say what ever you want.
>> All right.
A lot of DJ complain to me about the fader
cap shape.
>> Yeah you should make different ver,
>> But the problem with this fader.
Do you see how wide it is?
>> Yeah.
>> If you try and
make it blocky it going to be more like
>> Oh like a block.
>> It's gonna be like this.
>> This because a rain cap is wider.
>> Right.
>> And it, like if
you look at the rain cap compared to this
cap it's a little bit wider.
>> Yeah.
So it's gonna
be different guys you know like,.
>> Yeah.
>> I got, I got really small hands.
>> Yeah.
>> And some people
got big hands and it's different.
>> Yeah they're a little different yeah.
>> What do you prefer since you have like
let me see how big your hand is.
What I prefer-
>> Yeah.
>> I mean-
>> Well you must have, want a bigger fader
>> I, I mean, for me this knob is fine.
I mean I don't scratch that much so it's.
I mean.
>> What kind of fader is this now?
This is the-
>> This knob is
the actual original inner fader knob.
>> Let me see this real quick.
Oh, wow.
>> You know it looks like what you have
here is a little scratching here.
So you probably do like, here's the thing
we have.
We can actually put these in here to
we can actually raise up the fader by half
a millimeter.
>> Oh.
>> Do you want to do that?
>> Let's do that.
>> I didn't realize you have a nice.
Well, here's the thing because you give an
inch it's gonna scrape here,
it's scraping here, but you probably wanna
do is raise up the fade a little bit.
>> You're right, yeah, let's try that.
>> So let's, let's, yeah, because this is
actually, I mean, because you put this,
this label on here, you've got a little
extra height.
Actually, you can do that, wait a second,
wait a second.
>> Sure, sure.
>> The other thing we'd do, I mean.
This is something we don't so all the
Where's your, where's your rain kit?
Let me get your rain kit out here.
>> Rain kit?
I have a rain kit?
>> Yeah. You've got a rain and [CROSSTALK]
kit. >> Should I open this?
Should I start opening this or-
>> Well do you wanna, do you want, I'll
show you the way D, most DJs will do it.
>> Mm-hm.
>> Just,
just I think it'll be a good educational
>> Okay without opening it?
>> With opening it.
>> Oh so.
>> That's probably the best thing,
because I don't wanna do like a special
only for qbert kinda deal.
>> Sure, sure, sure.
>> So.
Whe, Where that nob go.
>> That thing?
>> The black oh yeah there we go.
>> Okay so
now what we do is raise the fader a little
>> You see on most 06s you probably won't
need to do this because won't
have your extra.
>> Oh yeah.
Because the face plate is fat right.
I see.
>> Yeah you got a fat face plate there.
Fat face plate, DJ's face.
>> All right, Well actually one thing I'll
talk about the other things we have in
this kit we have the special insulator
screws in the kit.
>> Yeah.
>> And what you, the reason for these is
that some mixers like the ecklers.
>> Huh.
>> And I think the zero four or
something like that.
>> Yeah.
>> You need to insulate the fader to make
it work right, so.
>> Oh, okay.
Let's see, yeah, we've got a little high
to work with here, so what we'll do-
>> Okay, so how do I, do I unscrew these
>> Yeah, you unscrew those two.
So we're gonna raise up the fader height
on this one.
>> All right.
>> Yeah.
>> I remember one time,
I screwed these in really tight, and I was
at a show, and
I really wanted to change the fader.
I couldn't.even get the screw off.
>> Oh, jeez.
>> And just, like, you know how it's,
>> It stripped?
Oh no.
>> Yeah, it stripped.
I was like, aw, man.
>> Okay.
So, now what we're gonna do.
>> So, you wanna, we'll raise like by
millimeter do you think?
>> Sure.
>> Yeah, all right.
So, with these, these are little, these
are little washers.
>> Wow, I was wondering what that was for.
>> They're, they're half a millimeter
thick, so they put two of them.
That'll give you like a millimeter height
on it.
>> Let's do that then.
>> So we should have a.
Let's maybe see how much room
>> Okay.
>> We have to work with here.
If it's gonna probably have the same
What we could do is prob, it might hit the
face plate,
but that's all right I'll just kinda like
push a little bit.
>> Okay.
>> Yeah.
So now these are, these are self adhesive
screw washers.
>> Okay.
>> So the idea is you don't have to worry
about them moving around on you.
>> Mm-hm.
>> So like if
you wanted to change the high all I have
to do is go right in the screw hole.
>> Mm-hm.
And he put two leaves, we got one here.
>> Nice, nice.
>> Just lined up right here.
You must have got some oil in there or
It's kind of slipping around.
>> So that's two there right?
>> That's one.
We'll put two in just to, because it was
you know you want a little extra height.
You don't want just, I mean if it's only
like half a millimeter it's still gonna,
it's not gonna feel right I think.
Yeah, so I'll put two here.
>> Okay. Good. Let's be safe.
Yeah all right.
>> Yeah.
>> Yeah you really got a lot
of oil in here.
What do you do like lube, lube your mixer
or something?
>> Oh totally.
>> [LAUGH] Does it sound better if you
lube it or [LAUGH]?
>> It does, it feels better too.
>> Is your mixer happy now?
>> It is.
>> Cause it's all lubed up.
>> Yes.
It's a very orgasmic mix.
>> Yeah.
[LAUGH] All right.
So you got one here.
And we're gonna look here.
So let's see.
So that's, this should do the trick.
>> All right that's awesome.
>> Now.
Fortunately, because you have a plate you
can raise up, this up, but other mixes,
if you can't raise it, then what you have
to do is.
There's a little trick where you put the
tape inside the fader.
Like you actually put tape in here, and
the whole thing goes up.
But this, this is what makes it nice and
clean, like, so, when you.
Yeah, you get a much better result out of
So, put this back here, all right.
>> Awesome.
>> I mean you could probably do this with
one person.
I mean I was just trying to help you out.
>> Sure, thank you.
>> Yeah.
>> All right,
let's see this guy right here.
Put that in right there.
>> So how many guys are asking you about
this on your boards?
Everyone's like
>> Really?
>> Waiting for this video.
>> Really?
>> They're like what's up with innovator.
>> Oh wow.
I mean they're not just going out and
getting mains or, or what.
Why are they asking about the innovator?
>> Because of what do you call it?
I think one of the guys, it says audio
innovative on there.
>> Uh-huh, right, all right.
>> And he's always like hey, have you
tried the innovator cube?
And I'm like not yet.
It's pretty hard to put it in my mixer,
you know, but,
so when you said you were coming over, I
was like perfect.
>> All right, so.
Now that you've done this-
>> Yeah.
>> Would you feel comfortable doing it
yourself again, if you had to do it?
>> Absolutely not.
[LAUGH] Okay.
That's why I'm glad you came by.
>> Alright.
>> But other people, you know, you know,
tons of us.
>> But look I mean, some, the, you could
you probably are finders good at
electronics stuff, right?
Or you could go into like a-
>> I'm mean it's not that, that hard.
>> All right.
>> Just takes,
it's a little time consuming
>> Okay.
>> But, you know, the rewards are gonna be
I can tell already
>> All right
>> That fader feels incredible.
>> Yeah, when you're done let's, why give
the deal,
idea like how it feels compared to other
faders that are used.
>> Oh, that's what I'm gonna do,
>> Yeah, definitely.
Because on thing we realized when we're
doing this fader is a lot, a lot
of these non contact faders that come out
>> Yeah.
>> Their
>> How many are there actually?
>> There's a different one, I mean there's
a whole history of them.
>> Yeah.
>> You've had the Stanton focus fader,
you've had the-
>> I remember that one.
>> Yeah, you have-
>> What happened to that one?
>> Well the thing is it just broke too
>> Oh.
>> It was a nice fader too for a second.
>> Yeah, I mean it was good for a little
bit, but people broke it.
And so it didn't, didn't go too well.
>> I didn't know that.
>> And the new mark did the Infinity
I don't know if you remember that.
>> Remember that? Yeah. >> Remember that?
Where you kinda blow at it?
>> Yeah, yeah.
>> And it all kinda goes-
[SOUND] And then you blow it goes-
>> Yep.
So I mean, what happened to that?
Did that break as well?
>> Well it didn't break, but the problem
is it's so hard to scratch that I,
I, actually I-
>> Yeah.
>> There's actually one of my customers,
he, he bought this to replace a new mark.
I think it was an SM-3 fader.
Is it, is it, should replace that fader?
And what happened is, he actually had to
put a, a,
piece of felt or something there just to
make it, just to, just to make it so
it wouldn't, it wouldn't like slide by
>> All right, let's test this out.
>> All right.
So we got enough height here
>> We, we, we cool here?
>> Yeah, that's that's it feels very good.
Actually I like it when it's really,
>> It's really tight.
>> Close.
>> Yeah, it's really tight.
Yeah, it's, it's good here now.
Let's try that out.
>> All right.
All right.
>> Is the power on?
>> So I'll get out of your way, you do
your thing.
>> Okay.
[CROSSTALK] I always want to know
the exact amount of time.
You got it.
>> You know, I, I had to do it, right.
>> That's why he's the engineer.
All right, let's try this out.
>> Ooh, that's a smooth, smooth fader.
>> How is it compared to what oth,
other faders you've used, as far as the
About, you, why don't, why don't you play
a little more.
Because you got, it's the first time you
used this though.
>> I am really impressed.
>> Really?
>> Actually, I am, actually.
>> Really?
>> Really impressed.
It feels really good.
I'm really impressed.
Oh, nice, okay, all right.
I mean I, when I looked at it I was like,
[LAUGH] how the heck am I gonna put this
>> All right.
>> But, you know,
if you guys wanna put it together with
this video, you could just follow along.
And it's well worth it, cuz this fader
feels really good.
>> And
the other thing is that if you have, if
anyone has any questions,
I respond to email, like, with, almost
right away, like, within 24 hours.
>> What's your email?
>> We're gonna put it down right there.
>> Just [email protected] would be
easy to remember-
>> Thank you for coming out-
>> All right.
>> And I was really impressed.
>> All right.
>> Really.
I'm not just saying that because of
your here.
>> Well I mean is this something like-
>> This is like a [BLEEP] good fader.
>> If like, with your rain if your rain
had this fader would you prefer it or
it doesn't really matter or?
>> You know what?
>> Like how would it compare to
your rain fader.
Like how does it feel.
Yeah, I wouldn't mind having this in a
rave too.
>> Really, seriously?
>> Yeah rain fader is pretty good too.
>> How does it compare like, far as what
you do with it, or?
>> This is really just, I just like it,
it's just really smooth and-
that could just be the first day, let's
test it, give me a couple months,
I'll be like gosh, dang, audio
>> Okay, if you're still here in a year
doing a video saying it's a great,
it still works, then there you go.
>> But for right now I, I'm loving it.
This is really a nice fader.
>> I mean, as I said, we have guys who
have used it for over a year,
like a year and a half.
>> Yeah.
>> And it's, I mean, as I said, the only
thing that's going to happen is some,
some of these are really picky about being
a little bit sticky on the corners.
And then you just put a drop of lube on
the corner.
>> Yeah.
Does it, did you put lube in here?
>> Nope.
>> There's no lube in here right now.
>> This is, this is the way it comes out.
>> It's really, really smooth.
We should have put lube in it before we
>> I closed it up.
But, yeah.
>> Well, no, this is fine.
And the other thing I was gonna show you,
like, take, take the ves tags, do this.
And take, take the inner fader, and do
>> Oh, wow.
This fader is tight now.
>> You see how different it is?
>> [CROSSTALK] I love this feeling.
>> Yeah.
>> Dang.
I guess I'm not gonna auction this off
>> [LAUGH] But just imagine.
Like, if when you just started out, if you
had this fader.
>> Yeah.
>> I mean, would it.
I have a, I have a question for you.
What, with the feet, like the feel this
fader compared to the axis.
>> Yeah.
>> Would, would
there be any difference in what you do as
far as your technique?
>> Well, not
>> I mean, or
is it just you like the feel of it?
>> I just like it [CROSSTALK] free.
>> Okay.
>> All my techniques come out, but-
>> Because some DJs were telling me they
they actually get a little more aggressive
when they have this fader because they
feel they have more control over it.
I mean,
>> Absolutely,
I can just get crazy on this.
>> Really.
>> Yeah.
>> Uh-huh.
>> I like it a lot.
>> Okay.
Well, how, how does it cut for you?
Like, what, how is the sound for you?
>> Yeah.
That's nice, it kind of fades a tiny, tiny
>> The thing is you can actually adjust
the curve on it if you want
to have a full on off.
But, then what will happen is on your
mixer, when you're trying to do a when
you're trying to do mix curve your mix
curve won't be as good.
Right now it's on a mix curve.
>> Yeah.
And you can also.
>> Yeah.
>> Adjust it any way you want.
>> Yeah.
>> That's [INAUDIBLE]
>> Because some DJs ask me for, like,
if you could do like a true on off.
As you move the curve out just a little
bit, and you put the mixer on sharp curve,
you'll get a pretty, pretty darn good on
>> [SOUND]
>> Yeah.
>> Yeah.
Thanks for coming out.
>> well sure It's great to come out and
get to meet you.
>> [CROSSTALK] Honestly too, this
There you have it.
>> All right.
>> And the website once again was.
>> It's www.
>> [CROSSTALK] Two Ns.
>> Yes two Ns.
>> Elliot.
That's the name right there.
>> Right.
>> All right man.