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Skratch Lessons: Beat Juggling with Mista B Part 2

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cat I like to mention is a cat named J
I've seen him do a pattern where he
changed the speed.
One side will be on negative 833 and
another side will be on positive 45
positive eight.
>> Mm-hm.
>> And basically, this would be writing
real time.
And this would be manually broken down.
[SOUND] And I've done, I usually I use
the, but at home, I practice that style.
And that's another way to break it down.
Some people-
>> Straight,
straight chopping up that tempo.
>> Yeah.
I mean it's really like you're
taking initiative, and you're really doing
it manually.
And some people do stuff backwards.
They'll try to
They'll try to play a beat backwards.
And you know, it just depends on what you,
how you approach the turntable.
There's infinite possibilities you got
You got 33s and 45s.
You can turn off the turntables via
Peachrix or you can ride it real time.
You can break it down manually and then it
would be on.
It just depends on the music and you.
Another style too is when a DJ is kinda
double-time the beats.
They keep it on beat but the beat sounds
like it's tripling up.
I don't know what you call it but
it's more recent in beat juggling when
they really double up the tempo.
It's a lot of tapping going down now.
So what I mean by the tapping is still in
real time.
>> So you know, you come through doing a
You're logging a crate in one hand, and a
sarato in the other.
So how does your set differentiate when,
when you're just pulling wax out.
As opposed to, you know, putting on the
Serato and
everything there basically at the push of
a button.
>> Well, I mean, honestly, the, the best
feeling was,
was with wax when 12 inches are two of the
same records or different records.
I feel like I have more control, but that
being said,
there's just a lot of of possibilities.
You could use a Serato, I mean, just be
Key points, pad controllers, you could
just kind of go on,
go off on a tangent with a Serato, or just
using a digital application.
You know to each its own world, I mean,
you know, the raw style is my,
my mom, my cup of tea.
I definitely get down on digital.
I'm getting more used to juggling with
digital formats and you know,
hope to include it in future shows and
A lot of DJs that are performing are using
Serato or Traktor or Torq to do juggles.
>> [INAUDIBLE] They're, they're using that
technology man.
>> Yeah I think they're just taking
advantage of it, which they should.
>> Or, taking advantage of it, to repeat
what he just said, but, you know,
it's mostly to see like, you know, come
out and
just be like [NOISE] throwing out and
>> Oh yeah, yeah, yeah.
I love that.
>> Mr. B.
>> Hi oh Bye.
>> Hasta manana.
You know we are doing all day over here at
scratch university.
So we're going to show what he talking
about and he going to how the goes down.
>> [NOISE] Hi Johnny.
Your picking me up later at the bus stop.
All right.
>> For sure got you.
All right.
So at first I'm gonna get my comfort level
going, you know?
If you all, if I dance a little bit,
Get warmed up.
Play around.
If you finally want to break it down,
manually, then just tap it.