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Skratch Lessons: Start Here with: The Wax Wrestler

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What up wrestling fans and
scratch fans, I'm the Wax Wrestler, that's
Check it out.
Today, we got a special guest and
he's gonna teach you guys how to set up
your equipment turntables,
mixer, turntables, and records the right
We got half-human, half-eagle DJ Q Bird.
Take it away.
>> [SOUND]
Oh, that's right.
He can't speak to us right now cuz he's a
and that's why I have this special device
right here that reads minds.
Put your hand on there, so we can hear
you, what you're thinking.
Go right ahead, say something.
Where's the bird seed?
>> Bird seed, I knew you were gonna say
That's why I've prepared a special plate
of 1 million birdseeds
of the most exotic kinds from all over the
world, just for you!
>> Thanks.
>> No problem, but you can't use it until
you teach these guys
how to set up your equipment the right
So, come on.
>> No problem, no problem.
>> Let's start with number one.
>> Number one.
>> Placement.
>> Placement.
This is the placement of two turntables
and a mixer.
You can have it in this battle style.
You can have it in the classic mixing
style, but we like you
to start with battle style, just so you
don't get in the way of the tone arms.
And, you can scratch and beat juggle and
do all your tricks, fluidly.
>> That's right!
And, that's the way I use it!
Battle style!
Because I battle!
>> This is your Techniques 1200, is the
standard DJ turntable.
This is the Vestax 05 Pro, this is the
how all the battle mixers are kind of all
put together.
Number two is blank.
You know why?
Because we want you to be creative and
make up your own rules.
If you want to put these on your back, if
you want to sit on them, if you want to
use your feet, you can do whatever you
want, but just keep it balanced.
>> So, number three, slip mats.
>> Another part of this whole console,
which will make your scratching a lot more
easier and a lot more smoother.
These are slip mats called butter rugs,
with the, little plastics here, called
flying carpets.
>> What about the other mats, the trip
>> These are the trip mats.
These are like the, middle part of the, of
the slip mats.
These are a little bit thicker, good for
And, do all sorts of things.
You can also get the thicker mats, but
those are really, just really thick these
>> Yeah, more grip, the thicker it is.
But, I use the thin ones, cuz I scratch,
and battle scratch too!
>> Number four.
>> Needles and records!
>> That's right.
Needles and records, this is the needle
We like to u se Ortofon needles, just
because they're already set up.
We recommend this, just because there are
many variables in the other kind of ways
you do set up and make your own needles,
build your own, it's like making your own
You know, you don't want to start building
your own car.
You just want it already built.
So, in great shape.
These are the, probably top notch needles
to use, that doesn't skip.
>> That's right, Ortofons.
Those are great needles for battling!
>> Yes, there's three power buttons here,
one for each turntable, one for
the mixer makes three.
>> The more lights, the more power you
So, turn it all on!
>> Right.
But, before you do that, let's plug it all
So, by plugging it in, we're gonna start
with the right turntable.
The left and right channel is sometimes
shown by a red or
blue, or red or white, like we have here.
So, red will be the red, or right.
And, the white will be the left.
So, we're gonna go back here and lift the
phono, which this is,
a phonograph turn table.
And, put the right into the R and
the white into the L which is the left
>> Whoa, careful not to destroy the
telepathic device that's making you speak
words that we can understand.
>> Now, also there is a ground wire that
you attach to the mixer.
So, you just attach it to where the ground
that's here, very simply,
and you repeat that process, right channel
to the phono.
Left channel, which is the white, to
phono, and
then the ground, simple as that.
And, you're all set up.
The last thing is, of course,
the main out, which will go to into your
speaker system, your stereo system,
your amplifier, anywhere that is going to
give you that direct sound.
So, I am going to power it already, and
that would be the same way.
The left, then the right.
>> Is the power on yet?
>> Not yet,' cuz you wanna be totally safe
about it, but these are on.
And, you should have them off.
>> Let's check out what the buttons are
>> This is the on and off switch, which
powers on this turntable.
>> The power buttons.
>> What else do we got?
Right over here, we have a way to adjust
the weight of the needle so
that the needle doesn't skip.
I like to talk like this because it makes
me sound like a wax wrestler.
Check it out!
When you put this weight on here!
Move it down all the way, but not all the
Bring it back a little bit!
And, you're ready to power down and
wrestle weapons.
>> Right.
And then, of course,
there are the pitch controls which go from
plus eight to minus eight.
And, the 33, 45 speed controls for
how many revolutions per minute you'd like
your records to go.
>> How high are you asking it should be?
It should be real high.
But, you don't want it too high.
You want it just right because this is
Check it out.
I usually put my height to three and a
And, that's the height for power.
>> And, of course, you got your very cool
45 adapter for your 45 records.
>> This right here gives your 45 records a
lot of strong,
crazy power.
Now, that you got it all on, turn on your
speakers and
get ready for energy, excitement, and what
is it?
Say it!
All right.
Now, you're ready to power on the
So, let's turn on the turntables.
And, let's turn on the mixer.
And, once all that's on, then we can power
up the speakers.
>> That's right.
There's different levels of power!
These first, then Speakers!
Here, I'll have the director turn up the
other speaker on the other
side of the studio, which is one million
miles away!
Mix Master Mouse, turn on the other
Got it!
Here you go!
>> So now, that you're powered up, you're
ready to scratch.
Throw on a record and you can cut it up.
>> That's right!
You have real power now!
Check it out!
[SOUND] That's what you call scratch
Oh no, he's turned back into a bird
because, unfortunately,
this thing powered down.
Not everything has power forever.
So, make sure you maintain your power as
much as you can.
Make sure of that okay, and you make sure
So, when you have power take it in, relish
it, suck it in,
and you will have a lot of power for as
long as you want.
But, if it goes away like this bird's
power is right now, then take a nap,
and you'll have more power later!
When you power down, make sure you turn
off your speakers first.
Do it in reverse.
Speakers off, and then turn it down, power
down, take a nap, get ready for
more tomorrow, and suck in the power.