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Skratch Lessons: Flow

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What's up?
We're gonna talk about flows.
Everyone's asking, where do you get these
flows from?
How do you make stuff, you know, just
continuous, right?
So what it is, what I had learned from a,
a jazz musician.
He's on the QSU.
His name's Sly T.
You can look him up and ask him a bunch a
He knows what's up with a lot of music
He said, you know, since music is a
language, if you wanna keep going,
you just tell a story, all right?
So it's like, let's say you open a book,
it doesn't start off with crazy action and
we could.
Yeah, you open a book boom, boom
everything's happening.
Usually when you open a book it's like
an intro you know, look, this is the
beginning of the book, and you know,
it's like introduction.
This is it.
you know, you can be like start off
And you think about all these scenarios
you can scratch about it and stuff.
So what's going on in,
in my head right now is a story.
I'm thinking about all these, like, these
different scenarios,
like a dog meets a cat and the dog chases
the cat.
They go round the block and la-la-la-la
and then the dog eats the cat!
Whatever, you know, and then just keeps
going and then you just,
using your imagination and a lot of times
it'll help if you use emotion.
And sometimes, let's say me and my girl
are in a fight.
And I'll be like, thinking about all the
good times we had and
all of sudden we start arguing and then
kind of we have some make-up fun.
[LAUGH] Anyway you get the idea, just keep
on going on and on forever.
And so that's how you can get your flows
Cuz you, you, there's a story in your
All these scenarios are happening.
And it's affecting your emotions.
And it's affecting your flow.
So, once again, flow also comes from
You can even, like, like, say this beat
right here Wu Tang.
You can think how each member raps
And you can copy their style.
You know, you should listen to the song
and get the idea.
We can scat it out.
There's a a saying, say it before you play
All jazz musicians know this.
And say it before you play it is,
before they figure out the patterns they
can say with their mouth.
It's a lot easier.
It's like scatting.
So that was a rhyme right there.
You could use whatever you want.
But I'm just scatting.
Scatting is endless.
It's infinity of ways you could scat.
[LAUGH] You know?
So silence is another thing like how I was
using silence right there.
[SOUND] See all that silence right there?
But it's still rhyming.
It's still tying in.
And that's how you get your flows.
You just make it up in your head.
And then you practice it with your hands,
All right?
So you can do that all day, you know?
And check out the lesson of poetry that we
did in the music theory section.
Add that to the storytelling, and
you can flow on for days and days and
days, all right?
Scatting, remember to say it before you
play it.