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Skratch Lessons: Rhyming

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All right.
We're gonna talk about rhyming, poetry,
and the scratching.
And let's talk about it.
Here we go.
So, basically rhyming, scratching is kinda
like, like you're MC.
You know, you don't have to be.
But I like when a scratch rhymes, all
So, a lot of people just scratch and
they're just.
But nothing's rhyming, right?
So it's nice to have poetry I mean, some
poetry doesn't rhyme.
You ain't gotta rhyme this is just all
It's just you know?
It's just an opinion, but I like to hear
it rhyme, right?
So the rhyme right there obviously was a
at the end on the snares, right?
So there's different ways of rhyming.
Anyway, you get the idea?
So it's like an MC.
This just, the rhymes are landing all over
the play [SOUND]
You know?
It's like, whatever.
So there's pretty much no rules in that
world either.
But then there's a formula called AABA
This is what I use a lot.
A lot of drummers like to use this.
And that would be looking like this.
You got A, and then you got A, and then
you got B, which is something else, and
then you got A again.
All right?
So it's like, let's just use, just use
this scratch right here.
That would be the rhyme, right?
so that rhyme is gonna line right here.
Something else something else.
[SOUND] You get that?
All right so.
Right, you guys get that?
Let's do another rhyme.
This will be.
[SOUND] That will be the rhyme, and then
this will be something else, all right?
All right?
Same concept.
[COUGH] Now let's do.
Let's do this right here.
Some more rhymes.
So, it'd be like.
Get the concept?
So with these kind of things, you could
just keep going on and
on forever, scratching, making up these
little formulas.
It doesn't gotta be like that.
You could do.
You could do it like this too.
You can just mix these up any which way
you want.
It's gonna come out dope, right?
So that would be whatever this is and
these three are just gonna rhyme right
here, right?
You get that?
You can just keep going on and on from
That's that.
Just keep on mixing it all up.
It doesn't have to be,
let's try this right here.
We're gonna do a rhyme within the rhyme,
It's gonna be like this.
I always like messing right, right around
here, or you could do it here.
Let's do it over here.
I'll just do it right here.
So, we're gonna half this guy right here
and this is gonna be A.
So, what we're gonna do, this is gonna be
It's a little challenge right there.
Let me see.
So, that'd be like.
So that.
[SOUND] These two rhyme right here, so
it's like a rhyme within a rhyme.
Like, a lot of good MCs, they like to do
that, they're like.
You know what I'm saying?
So there [LAUGH], I'm glad I'm not MC
Bunch of rhymes landing here and
then this, this just kinda connects with
these, all right?
You get that?
Obviously I was doing some wild-ass
techniques, but it could be, you know?
Let's see.
Can't be four of them in here, but you get
the idea.
Little rhyming things.
This is what drummers like to do a lot,
a lot of drummers like to do this right
Drummers love this,
and this is, this is great cuz it gets
the, the listener.
The listener gets involved right here.
See that?
This one was different from all these, all
And what the hell is.
[SOUND] You know?
You guys get the idea?
Now this can be, you can string a whole
bunch of these all together and
make a composition, a big ass song, even
the whole song can look like that,
let's say it's a three minute song.
You have this whole section rhyming with
this and then all over sudden the big old
bridge comes in here, there's totally
different, goes to a different world,
then you come back to the world again at
the end, and so it ties it all in.
You can do like a three minute song like
that, it doesn't have to be a half a,
you know, a half bar each or a bar each,
this can even be stretched out.
This can even be like.
Don't ask me to do that,
but let me just try it anyway.
And on and on and on, right?
That was super sloppy, but you get the
See even in dancing they be doing that.
That's the worst dance in the world, but
they be doing that in dancing.
In dancing.
In dancing in, in, in, in dancing.
It's, it's in everything.
You know, a lot of b boys they break
dance, they do all these themes and
they're coming up.
[SOUND] Do something else and then come up
back to the theme.
It's in everything.
It's poetry, right?
It's rhyming.
What's another word for that theme,
the, the scenario, right?
What's another word for that?
>> A theme?
>> A theme, yeah.
What's another word for theme, scenario,
>> Story?
>> Story, could be.
It's like a, it has, like, this pattern
that it just comes back around to itself.
You know, it's like you know, you got this
whole tapestry of,
of like what do you call that?
Guy with the flannel or something?
Got a whole bunch of flannel on and then
all of a sudden he gots like
some pocket with a green, a green pocket,
you know?
But the rest, the pants are panel flannel,
it all looks, you know, kind of in, in
order and stuff.
Everyone's gonna be like damn!
Who matched you the, the matching elf?
But you get the idea, you know?
It looks kinda trippy, that it all has a,
a circular, how do you call it?
What's another word for theme?
What's another word for theme, like has a,
design to it where it's like-
>> A concept?
>> A concept to it, yeah.
Well you guys get the idea!
You know what I mean?
All right, so mess with that.
There's other things you can even do.
You can do this too.
Doesn't got to be A B, it can be like
You know what I mean?
Be like that.
You can switch the A's.
Switch the C's, B's.
Throw some X's in there.
V's, W's, whatever.
Letters that ain't even in the alphabet.
You get the idea of rhyming and poetry,
all right?