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Skratch Lessons: Swing

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All right.
Check it out.
We're going to talk about swing, swag,
flava, the lean, whatever you call it.
The funkiness.
All right.
let do something that's just kind of
straight forward.
So, this is [NOISE].
All right.
Those are eighth notes, right?
I did a little diagram of eighth notes,
So, that's, you know, if you want to count
a beat one, two, three, four,
one, two, three, four.
These are eights notes right here, right?
One and two and three and four and one.
You know, you guys there's a lesson on
that anyway.
So, back scratch is doing exactly that
right there.
Tip, tip, tip, tip, tip, tip, tip.
Dit, dit, dit, dit, dit, dit, dit, dit,
dit, right?
Now, I'm gonna give you some swa,
which is swing
Technical term.
So, it'd be like this.
All right?
So, what I'm doing there,
is I'm just moving these second notes over
a little bit over.
[SOUND] Just erase these. All right?
All right.
So, what we're doing is, we're gonna move
that note over just a little bit, like
right about here.
All right?
So now, it's gonna' be chip, ch, chip, ch,
chip, ch, chip, ch, chip.
All right.
It's gonna' be like this.
All right.
So, it's gonna' make the listener kind of
be like, you know,
get into the groove a little.
All right.
So, that's what that is.
That's swinging, swinging those little
eight notes.
So now, we're going to do sixteen notes.
All right?
All right.
So, same thing.
If I had sixteen notes up there.
Find my black marker.
One, two, three, four, right?
One, two, three, four.
One and we got eighth notes right here.
One and two and three and four and
sixteenth notes would go right down there,
All the way across, right?
But, since we're swinging them.
We're going to move these guys a little
over to.
Just like that now.
So, instead of the sixteen notes.
And so on and so on and so on.
All right?
So, those are sixteenth notes but
swung all right?
So, it's something like this.
All right.
So, those are swung right there.
All right, makes it a little more funky,
gives it a little more lean.
This is a little more swag.
Gives it some flavor, you know.
So, once again,
three fourth [SOUND]
and swing
So, sixteenth note, put on some slide.
[MUSIC] All right, so [MUSIC]
If you wanna make your skratches sound
funky, learn the technique, and then add
some swing in it, right?
All right?
And, some of you are asking, well,
what happens if you put it in the
beginning, right?
If you instead of putting it
like right after the next note, what if
you did it like this?
So, we got lets see, half.
And, we got quarter notes.
And then, you got eighth notes.
Now, what we did in the last one is we did
the sixteenth notes like right here right.
Like right, right before the, right before
the eighth notes.
Well, what happens if we did it right
We did those notes over here like close to
the beginning?
You're probably thinking in your head how
it's gonna sound.
It's gonna be like this.
All right?
So, that's another flavor, another style.
kinda like s, sorta sounds like ahead of
the beat.
But, you kinda get where I'm going with
You can pretty much put the notes wherever
you want.
And then, that's how you kinda get that
little, that offbeat style, you know?
You sound like you're going ahead of the
Or, you sound like you're laying back
behind the beat, so.
What I like to do, is, I like to mix it up
and go ahead of the beat, behind the beat.
And, it's kinda, like, say, you're on a
And, you're kinda going this way on the
tightrope, and you're swinging that way.
You're not, you're not walking exactly
You're kinda going [SOUND].
[SOUND] Right?
So, that, the beat sound like this.
So, that's kinda like,
doing the tight rope thing.
You're kinda like drunken style, but it's
still, it's still on beat.
that's like really swinging it all
different ways.
All right?
So, that's just swing, funkiness
Getting that lean, the swagger,
doing the tightrope, drunken style, all
that stuff.
Don't gotta be exactly on, could be tilted
any which way.
It's just like with letters, you know, how
like you draw, the swing and everything.
You know?
The swinging nature, the swinging in art.
So, you got like let it, lets say, you got
I know a lot of
people that draw their letters,
they tilt the paper a little bit and it
makes their, you know, it's like.
it more funky when there's a little, you
I remember in school, I used to, just
write straight, and
I had a friend he always tilt his paper
and just have his letters always tilted.
And, that's what makes it kinda
But, you get the idea.
You can incorporate that into, any type of
Even when you dance, you knows, that
little, you know, kind of like.
That's straight, you know like, you're
because that little, that funk in there.
So, hope that helps and hope you get the
idea of swing and
incorporate that into your thing.