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Skratch Lessons: How to Upload a Video to QSU - # 1

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What's up, QSU?
This is DJ Ru, and my homeboy, the Mad
We're here to sit there and
narrate you through on uploading your
video to the QSU Skratch University.
All right?
You're gonna need some simple things.
First, you're gonna need you computer.
What else you gonna need, brother man?
>> You need your cameras.
You gotta have a camera.
It should be a digital preferred camera.
You're gonna the wires to hook your, mixer
up into your computer.
As well as wires for your camera.
There's your mixer there.
>> Right.
>> What you wanna do is you wanna take a,
RCA to one-eight jack, wire.
There's a converter wire, you can pick one
up at Radio Shack.
You wanna run the red and white jack from
your auxilliary-out on your
mixer to the line-in on your soundcard.
After that you just open up your video
editing software.
Whichever software you want to make,
use to make your movies with probably the
one that came with your camera.
Fire that off on record.
Make your recording.
Got DJ Ru doing his thing.
>> That's right, that's how we do it.
Trying to do our things over this way too.
>> Start off with just a little piece.
Get your stuff together.
Make sure you got good sound levels.
Make sure your video quality's where you
want it.
Once you have everything and
you have everything you wanted recorded,
it's just as simple as saving your file.
Usually that starts the process when you
hit the end on your record.
And then just drag your file over from
your recording software and
your video editing software.
DJ Ru, he uses Windows Media Movie Maker,
Windows Movie Maker.
It's free, comes with Windows.
>> Right, and it's built into your
computer, so.
No problem.
>> You just drag the file in there.
You should see them pop up, it may take a
few seconds.
Set your video up how you want it.
A very basic video, that you can just
shoot it in there,
cuz you want to convert it.
So you want to save it as a movie file or
depending on what the software says.
You want to save it in one of the many
accepted formats.
Windows Movie Maker called Save As a movie
And automatically exports as a WMV which
is a Windows media file.
And that is accepted by the Skratch
>> Right, right.
>> There's a list of all the accepted
formats depending on what,
whether you're using a Mac or what your
camera saves as.
You may be good to go.
>> All right, now mine right here uses
>> Yeah.
And Windows Movie Maker will take a few
minutes to convert the file.
If it's not already in wmv format.
Just let it go.
It takes a few minutes.
>> Right and once that's done.
>> Just follow this next video coming up
It'll show you how to upload it from the
Scratch University website.
It's probably gonna take anywhere between
30 seconds to a couple of minutes,
depending on how fast your internet
connection is.
>> Right, speed is everything.
>> You just add your title there.
Then in the drop box is what kinda video
it is.
Depending on where you want to place it in
the Skratch University.
And then, the next box below that is your
And if you click it, it'll give you a, a
Explorer view.
You just track down the file that you
Click it.
It should be one of those compatible
formats here.
And they're all listed right here at the
And then, you just post a question to DJ
Right in this spot.
>> I know I always of plenty of them right
I always of plenty of questions for my man
>> I'm sure he always gets a lot
of questions.
>> Yeah, you got it.
Everybody hitting him up.
I'm sure he does.
>> Once you sa, once you get your
Just hit upload that's gonna take a few
Again, be patient.
Because it's gonna upload your file and
then it's gonna take another minute.
to two minutes to convert your file in to
the, local version, which the server uses.
And then it'll take another couple minutes
after it says it's
done before it'll appear on your web page.
And then, once it's done.
>> You're done.
>> It's done.
>> Make the videos.