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Skratch Lessons: Several Players 4.1

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So hi, everybody,
this is Alex with a new tutorial related
to the part, several players.
For today I have prepared a really nice
arrangement for guitar playing.
And due to the fact that we will work with
distortion effects,
we will get some experience close to the
wonderful rock musician or
guitar player like Jimi Hendrix, or.
Kurt Cobain Keith Richards whatever.
So, and as always, or this is very helpful
to became
imagination about a wide range of acoustic
or the possibilities of different playing
In this case, of the strategy to play a
guitar with the turntable and
as always you can download as the
respective samples for self-training
purposes or to play together with other
I wish you fun, and we will see now the
Bye bye
So okay,
let's try to treat the turntable as a
But before we do that, here are some
basics and
important considerations related to the
arrangement of this song.
The whole composition is built up by four
main voices.
The first one is, is a beat, and in this
case it's not a drum scratching pattern,
but a single arrangement which I have
prepared on my drum computer.
My aim was to create a simple drum to let
enough space for my guitar sequences.
This, this here, this is a drum.
Yeah, really simple.
But we have enough space to play our
guitar sequences over it.
So and I have played all the guitar
sequences on the demo taken
from this sample right here.
or the single voices the guitar lick, the
solo guitar, and the bass guitar.
From this sample here.
And there are several variations of this
sample, or I have
prepared several variations because you
can download it both in a clean version.
This here.
[SOUND] This conversion as well,
and with the distortion effect and this
is, this form.
So, okay, let's get started and
further out so some samples mainly was of
a single voices.
From this, anti assemble.
We will take only some except, and yeah,
let's go.